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Plumeria Growing Guide Instructions

Inca Gold Plumeria

Growing Instructions

Place your Plumeria where it will get as much sunlight as possible. Growing Plumeria require at least 5 hours of sunlight for best results. Plumeria are tropical not hardy and will tolerate high temperatures but if put outside in the summer months they should be protected with a fleece or brought inside to a protected area, a garage or shed will usually suffice, if temperatures go below 8C.

Plumeria will tolerate most soils but will not tolerate ‘wet feet’ so ensure your plant has good drainage. Do not let your Plumeria sit in stagnant water.

During the growing season, (once the leaves and flowers appear) then water frequently. Once the temperatures start to cool again they will need less watering and once they go dormant and lose their leaves they should be watered very seldom if at all.

To feed your Plumeria we would suggest any commercial mix such as Miracle-Gro. Feed only during the growing season.

If you keep your Plumeria indoors then we recommend that you keep your pot on a tray of wet pebbles to increase the humidity. Misting is also good in the summer but be careful to mist only the leaves and not the flowers.

Plumeria will go dormant in the winter and drop its leaves. Keep your plant in a cool room but ensure the temperature does not drop lower than 8C. Do not feed during this time and water sparingly.

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