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Senetti Pot Ready Plants Growing Guide

On receipt

Remove your Senetti plants from the packaging immediately, check the compost is adequately moist and water if necessary.

Growing On

Plants should be potted either, individually into a 13 to 15cm (5-6″) pot or 3 plants in a 30cm (12″) diameter pot,

using a good quality multipurpose potting compost. Once potted, settle your Senetti plants into the compost by watering with tepid water and allow to drain. Place the plants in a bright location maintaining a temperature of around 12°C for 3 to 4 weeks while the plants become established in the pot. The plants can now be grown on at 5°C before placing in a sheltered location outside during April. Care should be taken to keep the plants moist but not over watered as this will cause the roots to rot.

Senetti plants will tolerate temperatures down to -1°C and produce flowers through to June. Once the flowers have faded, trim the plants back to 10-15cm above the compost and allow the plants to grow back for a second flush of flowers later in the year.

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One thought on “Senetti Pot Ready Plants Growing Guide”

  1. Senetti are one of my favourite plants to grow for spring! I chose them a few years back because a friend of mine told me they last for long. And this is the reason I did choose them – I enjoy seeing my garden colourful for longer period of time.

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