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Streptocarpus Growing Guide


On receipt

Remove your Streptocarpus plants from the packaging straight away. Check that the compost is adequately moist and water (using tepid water) if necessary. Should any of the plants be really dry, soak them for a short while and drain. Once the plants have adequate moisture, pot them individually into 9cm (3.5″), shallow depth pots, using a good quality peat or fibre based potting compost. Do not remove the net around the roots of the plants as the roots will grow through this.

Care of the plants

Understanding the natural conditions of your Steptocarpus plants will assist you in providing the best conditions for them to thrive in. Remember, in the wild they will thrive on partially wooded mountainsides so they do not require full sunshine, but a light position, without too much sun as this will burn the leaves and fade the flowers.

The ideal situation for Streptocarpus is a shaded conservatory or an east to west window sill. Water regularly from either above or below, taking care not to splash the flowers. Only water when the compost is dry, and ensure that you do not over water as this will damage the roots.

After a month of active growth, i.e when the roots have filled the pots, commence feeding with a high potash fertiliser and continue throughout the spring and summer. The feeding will increase the number of flowers produced. As the flowers fade these should be cut from the plants along with any old or damaged leaves which lose their colour.

During the winter, reduce the amount of water provided and stop the feeding, maintain a temperature approximately 10°C (50°F). In March or April, gradually start watering more often and commence feeding again. Plants should be potted into a slightly larger pot each spring, but do not over-pot as this will reduce flowering.

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