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Gifts For Gardeners Annual Catalogue

With the Suttons Gifts for Gardeners range you will find all your favourites, plus exciting new gift lines to inspire your present giving this Christmas and beyond.

All our online gifts can be delivered directly to a loved one but unsurprisingly, Suttons takes this to another level this year with the introduction of two new ranges that are also beautifully presented and box wrapped arriving in style at their destination and ready to be unwrapped.

With a level of uncertainty surrounding Christmas this year there maybe limitations on face to face contact and travel and this new gifting concept provides the perfect solution, with five themed letterbox-friendly garden gift sets perfectly sized to post. Plus, a tree-mendous new range of gift-wrapped trees, each presented in its own box and delivered direct to your loved one!

So, if you are preparing for a socially distanced Christmas this year the Suttons Gifts for Gardeners has it covered.

There are also new hand tools from Sneeboer and gadgets to be discovered in the garden section – just the thing for green fingered grandparents – and a wonderful selection of wildlife habitats, including quirky new bird houses and nesters. Beautifully crafted in a selection of styles and sizes, we have garden ornaments to complete any garden look.

Home lovers and foodies will delight at new additions of sweet treats within the food and drink section and the new horti-inspired kitchen accessories too. Our house plants range sees both traditional favourites and the more unusual for the house plant connoisseur, with the introduction of an exciting new lava plant that’s sure to set hearts alight!

And of course, the garden gnomes are back! Inviting new members into the fold, our golden gnomes are all keen to find a new home. This cheeky character will thrill the next generation, which are perfect for adding fun in the garden.

Gifts for all occasions can be found within the pages – it’s all here to create those ‘I Love It’ moments throughout the year, from a treat for a Birthday  to a special Anniversary, plus Christmas gifts galore.

So sit back, browse and select your gifts from your comfy chair!

NEW for Christmas 2020: Suttons Introduces Gardening Gifts by Post!

Suttons Think Outside the Box as Well, With This New Concept for 2020!

Suttons knows Christmas for many will be different this year and that shopping habits for all have changed due to national and localised lockdowns. With this likely to be with us for the foreseeable future, Suttons have created a new gift concept tailored to keep us connected to our family and loved ones, regardless of the distance between us with ‘our’ new for 2020 Gardening Gifts by Post!

This theme encompasses two fabulous new ranges, with five letterbox-friendly gift sets plus a tree-mendous range of gift-wrapped trees and plants. A great gift is all in the detail and Suttons have the detail all wrapped up, the gift, presentation, packaging and the delivery!

Letter Box Gift Sets Have Arrived!

Additional delivery information (when ordering online or by phone, customers will be given the option to have letterbox gifts posted to either themselves or direct to the recipient with a gift message.) A £4.99 delivery charge will apply.

This exciting new range is specially designed to fit through an average UK letterbox sized (41.5 x 16 x 4.2cm) providing fuss free, no contact delivery, whilst the contents remain in place having being carefully and strategically placed inside the box to pack in those gardening goodies!

With a choice of five inspiring themes to choose from there’s something for all in the letter box gift set range.

Fragrant Garden Letterbox Gift

For the flower lover

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a flower lover? This glorious personalised gift box includes three packs of Fragrant Flower Seeds, Twine, Mini Secateurs, care for your hands with Gardeners Hand Therapy Exfoliating Soap, plus a fragranced Hand Cream Trio.

Vegetable Garden Letterbox Gift

Perfect for those that love to grow their own!

Whether they have an allotment plot or a vegetable patch in the back garden our Vegetable Garden Letterbox Gift is the perfect way to keep them growing and sowing! Includes five versatile seed varieties, Twine, Plant Labels, Gardeners Hand Therapy Exfoliating Soap and Cleaning Brush.

Chilli Letterbox Gift

Supply the heat for chilli lovers 

Our Chilli Letterbox gift includes a thoughtful selection of fiery treats for chilli fans, foodies, gardeners and enthusiasts alike. Inside the Chilli Letterbox Gift, you will find Four varieties of Chilli Seeds, Plant Labels, Gardeners Hand Therapy Exfoliating Soap, plus a Chilli Coring Tool to ensure you don’t get that fiery juice on your skin.

Wildlife Letterbox Gift

Wonderful for wildlife lovers!  

Our Wildlife Letterbox Gift includes a thoughtful selection of treats for gardeners and enthusiasts alike. The Wildlife Letterbox Gift includes four Floral Seed Mixes, Twine, Mini Secateurs, Gardeners Hand Therapy Exfoliating Soap, plus a Pressed Flower Kit for creating mini masterpieces from your beautiful blooms.

Herb Letterbox Gift

Perfect for gift for Kitchen Gardeners

The ideal gift for those gardeners that like to keep their herbs close to hand! The Herbs Letterbox Gift set includes five versatile herb seed varieties, Twine, effortlessly label your herbs with Plant Labels, care for your hands with Gardeners Hand Therapy Exfoliating Soap and a handy Multi Tool.

Each is packed with a selection of seeds, sowing accessories, a gardener’s exfoliating hand soap, and either a handy tool, themed accessory or hand cream set.

Beautifully presented and packaged – all the work is done for you! They are fully gift wrapped and sent directly to the recipient at your request! Gift set components are wrapped in decorative tissue and elegantly held in place secure and compact within the box.

 Your own special message – customised to include your own special personalised gift message (when sending direct to the recipient only).

Trees by Post Have Arrived!

With a choice of four tree-mendous trees to choose between and all delivered straight to the door of your loved one! All these fantastic Trees by Post come gift-wrapped and gift boxed.

Traditionally used as a symbol of peace and friendship, olive trees make fantastic gifts and are famed for their longevity. This Olive Tree Gift will add a touch of the Mediterranean to gardens or patios and may produce fruit in some milder regions of the UK.

The olive can be grown outdoors during the summer and in all but the milder areas of the country will need the protection of a greenhouse or conservatory from autumn to spring. Height 80-90cm. Supplied in a 2-4 Litre pot.

Bring style and sophistication to your garden or patio with beautiful Bay Tree! This variety can be clipped into a formal architectural specimen, providing structure and interest for 12 months of the year, for many years to come!

The dark green leaves of this Sweet Bay are great for cooking! Supplied as an established standard tree with a 40cm stem and full head. Total height 70cm. Supplied in a 3 litre pot.

Give the gift of an exotic kiwi plant! Kiwi fruits are attractive climbers that are surprisingly easy to grow and hardy too. Grow up a trellis, arch or pergola in a warm spot or on a south-facing wall and prune to your desired size.

Issai is an unusual kiwi which, unlike its more well-known cousins, boasts fruit with a smooth, edible skin! The little kiwis are quite delicious and are produced in abundance – 1000 kiwis per year is not unusual!

Our Brown Turkey Fig Tree is the most reliable fig for the UK climate, producing a heavy crop of purple-brown fruits with sweet red flesh in late August to mid-September – harvest and enjoy! Each plant comes with a jar of sticky fig jam. Supplied as a 3 litre potted plant.

Figs will bring a Mediterranean flavour to your garden, combining handsome foliage with a tasty and bountiful harvest.

Vines & Wines

We’ve also got vines and wines to choose from…

Flame Grape Vine

A Flame Grape Vine with a bottle of red wine! This is one of the most popular varieties of grape, which tastes even better just picked from the vine. It’s suitable for outdoor and greenhouse/conservatory growing, is early ripening and disease resistant, and is supplied as a grafted plant in 2 litre pot.

Choose a sunny spot for your plant and it will provide you with attractive vines and a bountiful crop of delicious grapes! And it comes complete with an excellent bottle of wine!

Vine and White Wine

Seedless white grape producing very large bunches of golden-green, delicious dessert grapes. Also suitable for greenhouses or conservatories. Vigorous and heavy cropping. Supplied as a grafted plant in 2 litre pot.

Early ripening and disease-resistant plants. Choose a sunny spot and our varieties will provide you with attractive vines and a bountiful crop of delicious grapes! And they come complete with excellent bottles of wine too!

Gaming in the Garden!

Garden Games are just the gift for entertaining the next generation!

Head outdoors as a family and go on a bug hunt, try bird watching or tumble down a rabbit hole to a world where anything is possible! Kids of all ages – including big kids! – will love our Alice-inspired Wonderland games, including The White Rabbit’s Scavenger Hunt, Queen’s Guards Giant Playing Cards, Queen of Hearts Flamingo Croquet and Alice’s Party Games Mat. We’ve everything you need to bring this topsy-turvy storybook to life! silly and whimsical fun.

These new games will bring family fun for all! A great Christmas pressie to bring family together, smiley faces and tears of laughter will fill the garden. Perfect for a small get together and for playing in the fresh air of your garden. See the winning grins, perfect for big kids and little kids everywhere!

Stocking Fillers!

If you’re looking for stocking fillers this year look no further there’s new gardener’s soap and the new Suttons seed tin and seed collections, brimming over with eight seed packs in a choice of either veg or flower. A super gift for a loved one or for yourself! With a saving of £10.00 on seeds, it’s a great way to get your own and your friends’ gardens ready for the year ahead.

WOW Them With Wildlife Habitats

Featured below is our front-page hero – our new Acorn Bird House! The perfect gift for the home bird spotter and enthusiast or simply those who love wildlife and want to provide a wonderful home for our feathery friends.

A charming wooden bird house designed in the shape of an acorn and crafted in pine and metal. Its size makes it attractive to small garden birds, including wrens, great tits and sparrows, giving them somewhere safe and secure to nest.

Suitable for mounting on a wall or fence, why not place yours where it can be viewed from a window of your home where you can watch from a distance?

There’s a great selection with many new lines to discover in the wildlife section from an insect hotel to three new FSC wooden bird boxes that come in a variety is sizes. There’s also a scrummy Peanut Butter House and the Super-Sized in bird feeders.

High Quality Garden Tools!

Don’t dig around looking for clues on what to give the green fingered gardener in your life. Choose a Sneeboer garden tool every time – they will never disappoint! High quality, stainless steel and hand forged, built to last these make a gift all gardeners will appreciate for years to come. The new Hand Weeding Fork.

Four new Sneeboer tools have been added this year to bring even more choice to the range. Perfect for building a collection of tools that can be added to year on year! 

Highlights in Houseplants!

New additions in house plants to set hearts alight include a Christmas classic – Amaryllis presented in its own vase with lights to create a wonderful warm atmosphere, it’s sure to become a favourite for this year!

For those house plant lovers who like their plants a little bit different and bang on trend! Our popular Lava loving plants return but this year sees a new variety, perfect for starting a lava plant collection or adding to join last year’s Lava! Just like an eruption of elegant green flames from a volcano!

Lava Plant punctatum – Green Flame each come with full instructions for care. Order date: order by 8th for delivery in December

Once upon a time, this lava emerged red hot from a volcano. Now there is a plant growing on it! The lava stone provides support, moisture and nutrients to ‘embraces’ the lava with its roots. It’s a special natural combination! Lava Punctatum grows slowly and continuously forms new glossy,broad and shiny leaves. The leaves branch randomly and develop comb-shaped ends.

Gifts for Outdoor Space!

Suttons is really “blingin’” it this Christmas!

Going all out this year, Suttons brings some bling with new gold-coloured and fun-loving gnomes. Adding tongue-in-cheek charm to any garden, patio or porch! Sold individually or as a set of three!

Crafted from polystone in assorted designs from which one will be selected at random or order the set of three and receive one of each design. These cheeky fellas can’t wait to find new homes!

 Go on You Golden Gnomes!

Proud to stand in your garden or party in the veg patch or a going for gold mascot perfect to place in a new garden greenhouse. We’ve heard a few of the lucky ones hope to find their way into garden hideouts and dens with the most desirable location being found in the garden office where they hope to be used as quirky desk top paper weight!

We think a golden gnome would make a fun trophy making the perfect gift to celebrate garden achievements of all those lockdown gardeners or anyone who has grafted in the garden this year. What better way to thank the veg or flower grower in your life for all their hard work?

Winter Wonderland

A winter wonderland wouldn’t be complete without a pair of robins, British designed and made in England provides a finishing touch for a wildlife lovers garden. A set of two polyresin robin ornaments in a hand-painted finish. Designed in England. H 8.5 x W 5.5 x D 7.5cm. There are also new stone ornaments bringing fantastic faces for outside spaces and garden signs in both stone and metal. Click here, to shop Decorative Garden Gifts.

Experience Days

Our experience days are perfect for those occasions that call for something extra special. There’s something magical about picking a unique experience and making memories together, and our selection has something for everyone. Choose from a day at Anne Hathaway’s beautiful cottage, a visit to Kew Gardens complete with a river cruise, or an urban beekeeping experience with craft beer tasting sessions. This is the opportunity to tick one of those items off their bucket list with a gift they’ll never forget! Click here, to shop Experience Days.

Christmas Gifts

Suttons have Christmas decor all wrapped up too with a tasteful selection available. There are eight new additions this year to provide all you need to decorate your home. Find festive finishing touches to make this Christmas a family Celebration filled with cheer.

Suttons gifts for gardeners makes present shopping easy and stress free, provide all round smiles to bring togetherness wherever you are. So, sit back and start ticking off all those on your Christmas list today.

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