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Lemon Balm – But Not As You Know It!

Suttons introduces new traditional herbs with an unexpected twist for 2021, perfect for tea and cakes, forgotten favourites for casseroles and soups and a much-improved kitchen staple – lemon balm!

Brits love to grow herbs in their gardens, being easy to grow and loved for their fantastic versatility in the kitchen. With over a staggering 1.5 million coriander seeds having been sown during the lockdown period this year from Suttons sales alone, this highlights our passion for growing herbs. These new herb varieties with their varied attributes make great new introductions and are sure to be hugely popular with customers this year.

This is Lemon Balm, but not as you know it… and here’s the twist!

Suttons introduces the first lemon balm to feature a zesty orange aroma, just like peeling an orange!

lemon balm mandarina
Code: 164383
Sow: Late February-April

This hardy perennial will form large clumps of fragrant foliage providing a good spiller or filler, and makes it perfect to add to the garden or a large container for small space or patio growing. Featuring a shorter (30-35cm) cascading habit than regular lemon balm, this variety is a fabulous choice to cover slopes and difficult areas in the garden and will grace your garden year after year.

You don’t need to be an expert gardener to grow this unique herb either as it’s easy to grow so all can enjoy its many pleasures! With a multitude of uses beyond the garden, from culinary to creating herbal remedies, it’s perfect for all those who like to experiment with homegrown herbs.

Its scent is totally irresistible!

Wherever you choose to grow this splendid herb it will release its wonderful aroma – its zesty orange scent will waft through the air all summer long making it a great choice for creating an alluring sensory garden which the bees will find irresistible too.

Tea and cake in the garden is one of life’s little pleasures and this herb can be used in the creation of both!

Producing the perfectly fragrant cup of caffeine-free herbal tea, both relaxing as a hot bedtime drink or enjoyed as a refreshing zingy cold brew.

Simply steep the leaves in hot water and add honey to taste to create a relaxing and calming orange flavoured tea and float away on the scent of Lemon Balm Mandarina, unwind and drift off for a great night’s sleep!

Or let it cool and enjoy it as a refreshing cold tea perfect on a quiet summers afternoon to be enjoyed whilst relaxing in the garden.

Grow your own tea garden this year!

Grow Lemon Balm Mandarina alongside other home-grown herb favourites which can also be used to make herbal teas, such as the traditional Lemon Balm Calmer (£2.99) and Camomile Calming Sleep Soother (£2.99).

Lemon Balm Mandarina, a culinary delight!

Use the leaves of Lemon balm Mandarina in summer salads and all your favourite bakes from pound cakes, scones to muffins and cookies too, adding its delicious flavour and mandarin zesty orange tang to all your tasty treats.

Use the fresh leaves in sugars and syrups, infused in vinegars and even chopped into soft cheese, or frozen in ice cubes to dress up a summer beverage. If you still have some left, you can dry it too for later use in a homemade potpourri!

Alternatively, ease a bug bite or freshen the breath – the list seems to go on and on!

Other new herbs this year include…

A forgotten favourite for casseroles, soups and salads!

Hyssop Blue (£1.99)
Hyssop Blue is happy to bask in a sunny bed and is perfect for pots or containers and its beautiful blue flowers will grace any garden. Add its unique blue flowers as a garnish for a salad or use as you would rosemary in a bouquet garni.

And a much-improved kitchen staple…

Parsley Grune Perle (£1.99)
Parsley Grune Perle extends the growing season of our most popular garnish. Ideal in borders or containers, full of flavour and with extra curly leaves, it is great for overwintering and slow to run to seed. The harvest just goes on and on.

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