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Going For Gold – Polemonium Gold Feathers!

Suttons are going for gold this summer with this brand-new introduction, Polemonium Golden Feathers! This showstopping perennial has a wealth of glorious attributes our experts simply couldn’t resist – and nor will you!

Renowned breeding has produced an ornamental of the best quality with both an amazing appearance and outstanding garden performance!

Featuring a mass of delicate mauve flowers and striking golden foliage, the broad leaf margins edge each leaf in a stunning gold, making it possibly the most variegated and therefore coloured foliage variety of Polemonium there is!

This new Polemonium Golden Feathers simply has it all, the finest of variegated foliage and the most delightful flowers!

potted polemonium
Code: 20 02 51
1 x 9cm Potted plant
Code: 20 02 52
3 x 9cm Potted plants
Plant: May onwards
Flowers: April to June

This brand-new variety is happiest growing in full sun but will tolerate partial shade and is easy to grow – the perfect plant for a container or garden border.

Polemonium – the finest gold leaf!

polemonium gold feathers in a pot

A calling for all foliage fanatics!

The bright golden variegation on this brand-new perennial makes its foliage a truly spectacular sight. The broad golden edging to each leaf is what helps to make this plant unique and really stand out in the garden all season even when it’s not in flower. These impressive leaves spring-like golden plumes from the plant’s centre, putting on a stunning show all on their own.

Topped with delightful mauve flowers!

polemonium gold feathers close up

Come spring your plant will be laden with the most beautiful lavender or lilac-coloured flowers which are set off wonderfully against the foliage, these pretty flowers will provide an abundance of colour from April through to June. As you can see below – given the seal of approval from the bees too!

polemonium gold feathers bees

Polemonium – pushing the boundaries!

Polemonium Golden Feathers started life in 2016 in a production batch of Polemonium Lambrook Mauve. The clean and strong variegation stood out in the batch catching the plantsman’s eye, so the first plant was put aside for observation with little expectation that the variegation would be stable. As this plant grew, the variegation held firm ensuing the plant was a striking specimen – especially when the mauve flowers of its progenitor were displayed delightfully against the bright variegation. So, multiplication was the next test, and this proved highly successful with divisions holding the variegation well and growing into handsome plants.

This special Polemonium is simply magnificent, getting a gold seal of approval from Suttons. We feel sure it is destined to be a popular choice in this year’s summer garden and beyond.


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