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Grow Your Own Herb Plants with Suttons!

There’s no better way to add flavour to food than with herb plants which have been freshly-picked from the garden. Being easy to grow – whether in a large plot or pot – means everyone can grow these new herb introductions.

Our tempting selection includes those chosen by professional herb growers, disease resistant and improved performers, plus those loved by the wildlife too. With a multitude of culinary uses taking you on a culinary collaboration from Italy to Mexico with aromatics from hot and spicey to minty, plus the totally unique, bringing both delicious and unexpected flavour!

Introducing Suttons’ new range of herb plants for 2021…

Mushroom without the mush!

If you love the earthy flavour of mushrooms but don’t like the texture, then Mushroom Plant (Rungia klossii) is the herb for you!

Maybe you simply love the mushroom taste? Layer the flavour up by adding this herb to all your favourite food.

mushroom herb plant
Code: 20 01 72
3x 9cm Potted plants
Plant: May onwards
Harvest: Summer months 

Grow it in your garden through the warmer months and enjoy its delicious and unexpected mushroom flavour. Producing thick and glossy dark green leaves which are crispy in texture and similar to spinach, it’s perfect for introducing the taste of mushroom to your sandwiches and will take salads to another dimension – a mushroom salad starter is the perfect way to begin a meal.

mushroom herb plant

With the addition of showy little blue flowers in late summer, it’s a lovely additional to the herb garden or a feature herb in a pot for adding interest to a shady spot.

The herb disguised as a houseplant!

Come the cooler months, over winter this plant indoors and this herb will disguise itself perfectly as an edible houseplant!

Looking great in any room, it’s especially handy within arm’s reach in the kitchen, as you can continue to add the leaves to all those favourite hot meals!

Adding deliciousness to whatever you choose to cook, you can savour the flavour as it intensifies when added at the last minute to any hot dish.

Oregano with extra oomph!

Oregano Hot & Spicy is just the herb to pep up your pasta or Mexican main meal!

oregano hot & spicy herb plant
Code: 20 01 62
3x 9cm Potted plants
Plant: May onwards
Harvest: Summer months

Featuring a compact habit that’s packing one of the strongest Greek oregano tastes.

Perfect for a pot as it’s more compact with a trailing habit, this a good variety for both the garden and in containers. Plants feature slightly darker leaves than usual and produce attractive small pink flowers in the late summer.

This mint is here to stay – it won’ t run away!

Mint – Jessicas Sweet Pear is a versatile variety known for being less invasive and as it doesn’t produce runners makes it a great choice for your borders and herb garden. With a vigorous and upright habit it’s also just as happy in a pot placed in a sunny spot.

mint - jessicas sweet pear herb plant
Code: 20 01 60
3x 9 cm potted plants
Plant: May onwards
Harvest: Summer months

With a delicate fruity aroma it’s just the mint to add to salads, make a refreshing tea or a mighty fine mojito!

A brilliant Basil – easy to grow and perfect for a beginner gardener!

Basil D – Fencesil (Genovese) is a new and improved variety of basil packed with all the flavour and strong aroma you’d expect and with added resistance to mildew and fusarium means its easier to grow giving great results – perfect for a beginner gardener.

A brilliant Basil for a pleasing pesto or a gorgeous garnish for caprese salad – bravo!

basil d - fencesil (genovese) herb plant
Code: 20 01 54
3x 9cm potted plants
Plant: May onwards
Harvest: Summer months

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