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Suttons Launches Magic Vegetable & Fruit Ranges!

Suttons have waved their magic wand to introduce a selection of terrific new vegetable plants this year that are perfect for both experienced growers and all those new lockdown gardeners. Combining disease resistance with easy to grow varieties is a winning combination to ensure everyone regardless of their gardening experience gets great results – a successful crop for all every time!

Bring on the magic vegetable & fruit ranges!

Cucumber Merlin has it all, being easy to grow and prolific producing great tasting, all-female “midi-type” cucumbers.

magic vegetable cucumbers
Code: 20 00 49
3 x Super plugs
Plant: Late May-June
Harvest: Early July-September

Like magic they just keep coming!

cucumber merlin

This heavy yielding variety produces one or 2 delicious fruits at every node, which come every few days keeping you well stocked up.

Great tasting and bitter free!

These great-tasting cucumbers reach 12-15cm in length and can be grown in your tunnel or greenhouse. Being a seedless variety there’s no bitterness, just great taste.

A revolution in resistance!

Good disease resistance to powdery mildew, downy mildew and cucumber mosaic virus mean it shows some true magic in our eyes.

Why not take up the ‘Luffa challenge’!

A great grow your own, Luffa Cylindrica is not only an edible vegetable when cropped young and tender but if left to mature it doubles up as a sustainable cleaning sponge!

luffa plants
Code: 20 02 29
3 x Super plugs
Plant: Late April-May
Harvest: August-October

Grow it in your greenhouse – did you know a luffa comes from a plant similar to a climbing courgette and not the sea? Crop it small and enjoy eating these as you would courgettes perfect in mixed veg dishes and stir fries.

It’s time to become an ‘eco-friendly’ cleaner with this the ultimate in sustainable cleaning, a home-grown pan scourer or bath luffa as this sponge is great for both scrubbing your dishes or your back!

Finger licking good!

Sweetcorn – Moonshine is so sweet and juicy you can eat it raw!

sweetcorn moonshine
Code: 20 00 47
22 Value Plugs
Plant: May
Harvest: August-September

Extra sweet and super juicy – having been the best tasting sweet corn on trials last year we couldn’t resist introducing this super-sweet variety (SH2) to our vegetable plant selection. It’s a big cropper too with excellent cob coverage producing 3-5 cobs per plant!

With each cob reaching a size of 15-20 cm each they’ve perfectly sized to pop in the pan! Steam or boil ‘til tender and roll in salty butter for an indulgent treat. A chin dripping messy affair but totally delicious!

Colour changing Melon – it tells you when it’s ripe and ready!

Just like magic the Melon Mangomel visibly changes colour from grey/green to creamy yellow to let you know it’s time to pick.

melon mangomel
Code: 20 00 56
3x Super plugs
Plant: May
Harvest: Late July-Early October

Its large creamy white fruits with undertones of mango look as good as they taste, busting with flavour and juice and are delightfully aromatic too! Grow it in your greenhouse or on a sunny patio or under a cloche in the southwest of the UK for 4-6 fantastic fruits per plant.

Receiving a 5/5 rating in recent Which? trials means it’s definitely one to try!

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