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Budget Bedding – Top Tips for Propagation

Bedding plants lead image from Suttons

Do you want to update your bedding flowers this year on a budget? Well, here you will find everything you need right now to kick start your summer bedding for a stunning garden display!

Make your borders sing this spring by being savvy and buying your budget bedding seeds now. We have a range of seeds which start from just £1.99 a pack, it doesn’t get much better than that! All you need is some compost, pots, a propagator and a little patience and you will be ahead of the game.

Is your garden in need of some TLC? There is no time like January to start caring for your garden and introducing some knockout budget bedding plants in time for summer. Growing varieties like these not only brings your garden to life but provides a relaxing outdoor door space to escape to. This is prevalent in a time like today during lockdown, so why not get busy and get planting!

Add a ‘Wow’ Factor to Pots & Baskets!

Viola Seeds – Freckles

Viola Seeds 'Freckles' from Suttons
Viola petals are also edible, and look great in as salad garnishes or decorating cakes
Image: Viola ‘Freckles’ from Suttons

A new beautiful and rare variety of viola!

The Viola Seeds – Freckles are a rare and unusual viola with China-blue speckled white flowers, adding a stunning ‘wow’ factor to patio pot flower displays and hanging baskets. Due to being very similar to wild violets, the Viola Seeds – Freckles will be covered in a profusion of delightful little flowers from spring to autumn. Producing up to 20 flowers in its first season, the Viola Seeds – Freckles will certainly add beautiful colours and textures to your flower beds and flower borders. Being very versatile and easy to grow, they are perfect at being left to grow naturally in your garden, creating fantastic flower displays. Growing to a height of 15cm, these perennial flowers look fantastic growing in your patio pot and container displays dotted around your garden too.

Lobelia Seeds – Sapphire (Blue Basket)

Lobelia 'Sapphire' from Suttons
Fill your garden from July to September with these stand-out blooms.
Image: Lobelia ‘Sapphire’ from Suttons

Add a burst of blue!

A profusion of violet-blue with white eye. Lobelia ‘Sapphire’ are compact plants covered with tiny flowers throughout the summer, usually grown as edging for beds and borders, often with Alyssum. Trailing. (SUPASEED – Our coated Supaseeds make it easy to sow this fine-seeded item.)

Start Your Cost-Effective Border

Marigold Afro-French Seeds – F1 Zenith Mix

Marigold F1 Zenith Mix from Suttons
Add a touch of warmth to your summer garden with these stunning marigolds.
Image: Marigold F1 Zenith Mix from Suttons

Warm colours for a warm summer

This superb Marigold Afro-French Seeds – F1 Zenith Mix variety will produce a constant display of medium-sized blooms. Ranging from red, orange or yellow on bushy, compact plants. And they don’t set seed so no ‘dead heading’ is required. They’ll keep on producing masses of new flowers throughout summer! Height 30cm (12″).

Calendula Seeds – Porcupine Yellow

Calendula 'Porcupine Yellow' from Suttons
These award-winning plants not only look great, but their petals are edible!
Image: Calendula ‘Porcupine Yellow’ from Suttons

A brand new, award-winning, yellow calendula!

Add bursts of delicious, yellow coloured ‘porcupine’ style blooms to your beds and pots from May to September! This exciting new Calendula ‘Porcupine Yellow’ variety produces more flowers than its orange coloured relatives. It is also slightly taller (60cm) than ‘Orange Porcupine’. Its petals can be used as ‘poor man’s’ saffron to colour rice.

These are just a select few of our stunning range of bedding plants. Make sure to browse through the rest because some amazing prices can still be found!

Gardening Catalogue 2021!

Our latest Gardening Catalogue for 2021 has arrived! All these bedding plants on a budget are featured within alongside much more. If you would like a copy, just follow the link here and order yours today!

suttons gardening catalogue

Top Tips for Propagation

pots of soil and seedlings for propagation
  • Invest in a good seedling watering can – one that emits gentle droplets of water. It’s so easy to dislodge or flood out seedlings otherwise.

  • Unless specifically directed – sow in shallow trays or modules.

  • Ensure your pots and trays are clean – to reduce the risk of pest and disease, use only fresh specialist seed compost.

  • Get the timing right – the goal with successful seed starting to have your seeds and propagation kit available and ready for sowing at the right time.

Biodegradable Pots & Trays

fibre plant pot for propagating seeds and seedlings

Fibre Pots

Round or Square Pots

Biodegradable pots are perfect for propagation. The plant and pot can be planted straight into the ground with no transplantation shock or root disturbance. Pots break down naturally in the soil. Available sizes: Round Pots 96 x 6cm and 48 x 8cm; Square Pots 80 x 6cm and 48 x 8cm.

trays pots to grow seedlings

Growing On Pots and Trays

Perfect for growing on all your young plants, these handy trays keep your small pots neat, tidy, easy to work on and can be used time and time again. Pots are kept stable in a sturdy black plastic tray yet can be moved with the minimum of effort, no more compost accidents or juggling with loose pots! Ideal for carrying out into the garden when you are ready to plant out. Finger holes allow easy pot removal if you need to work on an individual plant.

We hope you find some cost-effective bedding plants to fill your border, pots and beds with colour and interest this year. If you find something you like, be sure to Join the Suttons community today, and head over to our Facebook and Instagram page to take us with you on your gardening journey – #mySuttonsJourney

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