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How Grafted and Non-Grafted Veg Plants Are Different

Growing your own vegetables provides a number of nutritious, environmental and economic advantages over buying from a store. It is an extremely rewarding process, and nothing tastes quite like fresh vegetables picked straight from your garden.

However, many people are still unsure of the difference between grafted and non-grafted veg plants, so let’s point you in the right direction.

At Suttons, we’re proud to produce a range of delicious Grafted Vegetable Plants. These allow you to grow the best vegetables possible from the comfort of your home. Equally important, is that it really is a knockout addition to any meal for yourself, friends and family, which will leave you more eager than ever to cook up a storm in the kitchen!

Why Our Grafted Veg Plants Are the Secret to Great Fruit!

Our grafted and turbo grafted vegetable plants for 2021 offer a whole selection of homegrown vegetables that taste amazing. These are easy to maintain and provide an inexpensive way to grow your own produce. Plus, your plants will be delivered straight to your door at the perfect time for planting. What a great way to get the whole family to enjoy being outside together.

We pride ourselves on our meticulous grafting process with a dedicated team of experts. To begin, each product in the range is grafted by hand to ensure you receive plants that can provide up to 75% more fruit, earlier and over a long period of time. For this reason, our exceptional grafted vegetable plants are the most vigorous and premium plants which continue to be the market leaders. So why not start your own variety of homegrown tasty vegetables this coming year and be confident that all Suttons grafted veg plants undergo rigorous inspections by our vegetable experts to ensure you only receive the highest quality.

But before we discuss the benefits of our grafted veg plants further, let’s talk about the difference between non-grafted and grafted veg plants and work out what’s right for you.

For more advice, watch our ‘Why buy grafted vegetable plants from Suttons Seeds’ video.

What Are Non-Grafted Veg Plants?

Non-grafted veg plants are standard vegetable plants, which can result in a selection of homegrown vegetables. You can have a garden full of different kinds of vegetables and plenty to add to your homecooked dishes. But with hundreds of varieties to choose from, where do you start? Why not discover our exciting New Vegetable Plants and grow something new today?

What Are Grafted Veg Plants?

Grafted veg plants involve a joining growing method. Our grafting process is a rapid tool that involves taking two plants which are grown simultaneously: a tasty fruiting variety and a super-strong rootstock. The top of a fruiting plant and a strong hardy rootstock are carefully removed by hand using a small blade to slice at an angle across each stem. Then the rootstock bottom and the top of the fruiting plant are then grafted together using a special clip that drops off naturally as the plant grows. Here at Suttons, we provide our Grafted Vegetable Plant Range, which includes tomatoes, peppers, to aubergines and melons.

This process tailors plants to adapt better to growing conditions. In addition, this also means that the new super-strong roots can grow deeper into the soil. They will also absorb all the delicious nutrients to provide you with full-flavoured tasty crops. You can enjoy up to 75% more crops with Suttons grafted vegetable plants. And, unlike a standard non-grafted plant, this will also produce its fruit much earlier, and for much longer giving you a greater yield!

The Benefits of Suttons Turbo Grafting Process

  • At least 1 extra fruiting truss per plant
  • Up to 75% more fruit
  • Earlier fruiting
  • Longer fruiting period
  • Greater yields
  • Strong resistance to soil-borne diseases and pests
  • Better for outdoor growing

If you would like to know more, check out The Process of Suttons Grafted Vegetable Plants for further details. Watch our video guide below and learn how to get the most from your grafted vegetable plants.

With this in my mind, why not head over to our Grafted Vegetable Plant Range online or order one of our Suttons 2021 Catalogues to choose your selection of homegrown vegetables.

We hope you find everything you need to know about grafted veg for your gardening journey moving forward! Share your grafted veg with us on our social media pages!

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