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Win Six Suttons Bare Root Strawberry Plants

This competition has now closed but thank you to all those who took part. All the winners have been drawn & contacted. Congratulations to our 5 winners who each won six bare root strawberry ‘Florence’ plants.

While you wait for our next competition, be sure to check out our full range of strawberry plants – the quintessential British summertime treat!

Benefits of bare root ‘Florence’ strawberry plants

Strawberries in a bowl from Suttons
Enjoy strawberries dipped in sugar or with a dollop of cream

You don’t need acres of space and fully fledged garden beds to enjoy the delicious taste of strawberry ‘Florence’. Only growing to 20cm high, this late-season fruiter can be happily grown in a container or hanging basket, and can be harvested from late June to the end of July. Or if you fancy an extended harvest, grow this variety in a polytunnel or greenhouse and enjoy the taste of summer early!

Throughout the growing season, Strawberry ‘Florence’ shows great resistance to pests and diseases and, as a hardy perennial, it returns every year with a sweet crop of firm and colourful strawberries. 

The benefits of bare root vs potted varieties

As one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your favourite fruit or veg at home, bare root plants also tend to have superior root health, establish faster in the garden, and have a smaller chance of producing weaker crops. Arriving at your door as dormant plants that need just a little TLC, your strawberries will also have less transplant shock than seedlings or potted varieties. 

Plant your dormant bare-root plants in spring, making sure to choose a spot that gets lots of warm sun. Use quality multi-purpose compost if you’re growing in containers, and remember to give your strawberries a good drink of water after planting to settle them in. 

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6 thoughts on “Win Six Suttons Bare Root Strawberry Plants”

  1. Karen Watt says:


  2. LORNA WILSON says:


  3. Martin says:

    It would be lovely to win this!

  4. Wendy Curnow says:

    My strawberry plants are getting very old and not producing well, so would love to win these lovely plants. Fingers crossed.

  5. Victoria Perry says:

    I can’t wait for my boys to grow their own strawberries.

  6. Pauline Simpson says:

    Our yard is so sunny so I think they would be suitable for me to cultivate!!

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