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WIN a Wildflower Seed and Bird Feed bundle

This competition has now closed but thank you to all those who took part. Congratulations goes to Rebecca R, who won a beautiful bundle of wildflower seeds and Happy Beaks bird feeding goodies.

For more inspiration on attracting birds and pollinators to your garden, read our expert tips article here.

How to attract birds to your garden this summer

This bundle helps out native pollinators and our feathered friends!

Our feathered friends need just as much support in summer as the rest of the year. Not only does the warmer weather make it a great time to attract birds to your garden, it’s a fascinating opportunity to watch as new fledglings grow and mature.

If you want to attract birds to your garden this summer, here are some top tips from the experts at Happy Beaks:

  • Offer a bird bath filled with fresh water.
  • Put out small but regular amounts of high protein bird foods like aflatoxin-tested peanuts and sunflower hearts. The ground can be very hard in the summer making it difficult for birds to get to worms.
  • Clean your feeders regularly to prevent the spread of devastating avian diseases.
  • A bird table with a built-in feeder keeps young birds safe from cats.
  • Offer a shady respite during the hottest months. Grow hedging plants to provide shade and secure shelter from predators. 
  • Sow a wildflower seed mix to naturally increase biodiversity in your garden, or opt for a specific birds and bees flower seed mix
  • Add shrubs with lots of berries, like pyracantha, to help birds through the winter. 
  • Avoid using pesticides which can find their way into the food chain. 

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6 thoughts on “WIN a Wildflower Seed and Bird Feed bundle”

  1. ian mcintosh says:

    we have a bide table in garden and bows for water for the brides

  2. ian mcintosh says:

    we have a lage garnder and have bird tablets in garden and water for the brids

  3. Wendy says:

    My birds in my garden would love this prize

  4. Helena says:


  5. rebecca johnson says:

    would love this

  6. Shelley Esposito says:

    Inspired to do more to increase the biodiversity of our little urban garden. One of our children helped me put in a little pond yesterday. Next up, the whole family planting more flowers and bushes!

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