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Win Suttons Cherry Trees

This competition has now closed but thank you to all those who took part. Congratulations goes out to our winners who have each won a patio cherry tree.

Keep an eye on our social channels or ‘Competitions’ page for future giveaways. And in the meantime, learn more about how to grow cherry trees in a pot. 

How to grow cherry trees in containers

White bowl full of cherries
Cherry ‘Sylvia’ is perfect for growing in a patio pot

Cherries are one of the most beautiful fruit trees, featuring pretty blossoms in spring, brightly-coloured fruits in summer and fiery foliage in autumn. While large varieties can reach 6m tall, others, like Patio Cherry ‘Sylvia’, have been grafted onto a dwarf rootstock which limits their height to just 2m. These compact trees are perfect for growing in containers, meaning you don’t need a large garden to enjoy a delicious crop of sweet fruit. A sunny balcony, small courtyard or bright patio will suffice. 

Here are our top tips for growing cherry trees in containers:

  • Choose a self-fertile, dwarf cherry variety.
  • Use a container that is deep and wide enough to accommodate the root ball of the tree. A 60cm diameter (or larger) will give it plenty of room to develop strong roots.
  • Make sure that your container has plenty of drainage holes.
  • Fill the container with a good quality, loam-based soil. 
  • Look for the soil mark on the stem, and plant your tree to the same level it was grown before. 
  • Be sure to keep the grafting point a few inches above the ground.
  • Water your tree every day for a few weeks, to help it establish. 
  • Mulch around the base with compost every spring to provide vital nutrients and retain moisture.
  • Lightly prune your container-grown tree in March or April, to achieve the shape you’re after. Never prune it in winter. 

If you’ve been inspired to try growing your own, browse our full range of fruit trees to find the perfect variety for your garden.

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14 thoughts on “Win Suttons Cherry Trees”

  1. This would be great on my south facing balcony. It would replace the one I had to leave in the garden of my old home. Fingers crossed

  2. joy buckenham says:

    would love to win one

  3. Paul Scott says:


  4. Sarah Waring says:

    Cherry nice prize!!

  5. Fiona Toal says:

    Would love to win one of these cherry trees
    I’m a volunteer gardener at a community centre in a small village
    This would be a lovely addition to the garden

  6. Judith Tasker says:

    Love a cherry for the allotment.

  7. Margaret Fryde says:

    I would be happy to receive news.

  8. Patricia EAVES says:

    I love cherry’s

  9. Alison Sanyang-Deane says:

    Suttons is a name that’s been recognised as a superior, go to, brand in our family for generations .

  10. Brian Edge says:

    It’s nice to have a chance to grow fruit trees in containers, as I have a patio slabbed garden with rectangular stone growing troughs on one side and pots on the other.

  11. Jane says:

    I adore cherries and love the Suttons website for lots of choices

  12. I would love a cherry tree for my allotment

  13. I would love a cherry tree for my allotment, to go with my 2 x apple trees and pear tree please.

  14. I have a 5 yr old cherry tree and it’s never had fruit zny idea why it’s in a large pot

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