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Win Suttons flower seeds – May sowing bundle

This competition has now closed but thank you to all those who took part. Congratulations goes to our three winners who each won a bundle of flower seeds.

Keep an eye on our social channels or ‘Competitions’ page for future giveaways. And in the meantime, learn more about the gorgeous flower seeds you can sow in May

How to choose a Chelsea-worthy flower display

Single pink and green Zinnia flower
Easy to grow in borders or large containers
Image: Zinnia ‘Queen Red Lime’ from Suttons

This year at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, many designers have chosen to celebrate the ways that gardening can positively impact our health and wellbeing. From wheelchair-friendly hospital gardens that aid patient recovery, to re-imagined urban community spaces that observe the connection between nature and mental health, the restorative potential of plants and flowers is front and centre. 

We may not be able to replicate these special show gardens in our own backyards, but we can all benefit from the calming process of sowing seeds and watching them grow. Even if you don’t have beds and borders, you can still surround yourself with Chelsea-worthy colour by filling large pots, hanging baskets or window boxes. Give yourself a boost by sowing these five showstopping flower seeds from Suttons: 

  1. Coleus ‘Rainbow Mix’ – these bright, easy to grow foliage plants come in a beautiful array of colours that look just as good indoors or outside.
  2. Echinacea Purpurea ‘Brilliant Star’ – growing to about 1m tall, these large, eye-catching, pink flowers reliably return year after year. 
  3. Zinnia ‘Queen Red Lime’ – the unique red/lime colour of these large double flowers create a real ‘wow’ factor in borders or containers. 
  4. Digitalis ‘Pam’s Split’ – add drama with these majestic spikes of large, neatly arranged, creamy-white and burgundy flowers.
  5. Cosmos ‘Candyfloss Mix’ – this gorgeous blend of dwarf-sized pink, white and maroon blooms are great for containers, hanging baskets and window boxes. 

There’s no doubt that gardening is good for the soul! Browse our full range of flower seeds for a cost-effective way to fill your garden with brightly-coloured blooms.

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