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New flower seed varieties

Orange and yellow antirrhinum

Every year, our expert team scours the globe for new and exciting flowers. All of the seeds they discover are tested in our onsite lab, before being thoroughly put through their paces at our trial grounds. Only once we’re satisfied that the seeds are high quality, easy-to-grow and resistant to disease will we consider adding them to our carefully curated range. Many of the new flowers that eventually make it to our collection are actually several years in the testing. 

Ready to spice up your garden this summer with unusual blooms from our new flower seed range? Whether it’s an improved version of an old favourite, a striking new colour, or something entirely unique, we’re sure to have something to pique your interest.

8 of our favourite new flower seeds

Singular sunflowers with two leaves

Sunflower ‘Carmel F1’

This professional growers’ variety reaches 1.5m in height and is perfect for cutting. What’s more, it doesn’t drop pollen under your vase!

Purple and white petunias

Petunia ‘Superbissima Triumph Mix’ 

With vividly veined, crimped petals in various hues of pink, these extra large petunia flowers don’t require dead-heading to provide a long and lasting display. 

Collection of white flowers

Mirabilis longiflora ‘Angels Trumpets’

For something unusual and exotic, these long white trumpets produce a heady orange blossom fragrance from late afternoon and throughout the summer night. 

Orange marigolds with green foliage

Marigold ‘Hot Stuff’ 

This robust, large-flowered, African marigold is drought-tolerant and weather proof. It reliably produces masses of bright orange, ruffled pom poms.

Orange and yellow snapdragons

Linaria maroccana ‘Licilia Peach’

Quick to bloom, this award-winning and elegant baby snapdragon produces unusual, sunset-coloured petals. With long slender stems, it’s ideal for cut flowers too.

Apricot coloured stocks against black background

Column Stock ‘Apricot’ 

Grown on masse, these tall spikes of densely-packed flowers make a huge statement. The beautiful antique apricot blooms also have attractively spicy, clove-like scent.

White and pink snapdragon flowers

Antirrhinum majus ‘Potomac Apple Blossom F1’

Specially bred to produce tall strong stems, these snapdragons flower from late spring and throughout summer. The striking spires of pretty flowers reach 150cm tall. 

Flat image of a cosmos with pink centre

Cosmos ‘Apricot Lemonade’ 

Light and airy, this breakthrough variety blooms all summer long. Pretty pastel blooms open in a shade of soft apricot before mellowing to a pale creamy yellow. 

So, as well as growing your old favourites, how about jazzing things up with these wonderful new varieties? We hope we’ve tempted you to give them a go! Browse our full range of flower seeds for even more inspiration.

Image: Antirrhinum majus Potomac Dark Orange F1 Seeds
Copyright: ©Thompson & Morgan

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