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New flower seed range 2024 launched!

Suttons new flower seeds 2024 Zinnia 'Dahlia Flowered Mixed' pictured as a tightly-packed cut flower bouquet, being held by a woman. She is pointing the head of flowers directly at the viewer and the background of a flower field is blurred out. The blooms are a marvellous mix of pink, red, orange and yellow tones, each with a dark central eye.

Our 2024 seed range features new flower varieties to tempt you! From fuzzy double sunflowers to first-year flowering foxgloves, we’ve got new varieties to inspire every patio, balcony and garden – here are just a few highlights from the new range.

Range Highlights

Sunflower ‘Fire Fox’

Helianthus annuus

Unique & eye-catching foxy flowers!

Delightfully furry-looking, Sunflower ‘Fire Fox’ boasts a unique shape with eye-catching double flowers.

Fiery colour combination

In a colourful combination of brick red and golden yellow, blooms are upward-facing and have fabulous fluffy centres, which are framed by a ring of finely pointed petals.

Two flushes of flowers on petite plants

‘Fire Fox’ produces at least two flushes of flowers over the summer months, each with 3-4 flowers per flush. Perfect for growing in pots, for edging the front of a border or grown as a low annual hedge.

Height and spread: 30-40cm (12-16in).

Sow: March to June

Flowers: July to October

12 Seeds


Digitalis ‘Dottie Mix’ (Pelleted)

Digitalis purpurea

You’ll go dotty for these first-year flowering foxgloves!

Suttons new flower seeds 2024 Foxglove 'Dottie Mix' - image shows a close-up of these flowers in full blooms, in shades of white, peach and mauve-pink

There’s no need to wait until the second year for the flowers of Foxglove ‘Dottie Mix‘! Unlike other digitalis, this is a super-fast variety, flowering in five soft colours just 20-24 weeks from sowing.

Colourful neat & compact

Showy spikes carry big blooms and are quickly followed by secondary spikes for a flower-packed display.

‘Dottie Mix’ is much shorter and tidier than other varieties, which makes it a well-behaved border plant, plus it grows gloriously in pots.

Maximum height: 60cm (24in)

Spread: 35cm (14in)

Sow: January to May

Flowers: May to July

Seeds: 10


Zinnia ‘Dahlia Flowered Mixed’

Zinnia elegans

Half-hardy Annual

Dazzlingly bright double blooms

Few annual flowers can match the zeal of Zinnia ‘Dahlia Flowered Mixed‘. Bright fully-double flowers measuring up to 12cm across are densely packed with petals forming stiff pompoms that are brilliant at the back of borders.

A kaleidoscope of colour

This vibrant mix comes in a confection of candy colours, from warm reds, yellows and corals to cooler pinks, lilacs and purples. Ideal for use as cut flowers, stiff petals and long, robust stems mean ‘Dahlia Flowered Mixed’ lasts a long time in the garden as well as in vases indoors.

Height: 90cm (36in)

Spread: 30cm (12in)

Sow: April to June

Flowers: July to October

Seeds: 50


Nasturtium ‘Tip Top Pink Blush’

Tropaeolum majus

Half-hardy Annual

A novel new colour-way for nasturtiums!

Vintage cream with a pink blush veining, ‘Tip Top Pink Blush’ is a novel new colour for nasturtiums. Great for creating a subtle palette for a relaxed and chic look in the garden.

A short, trailing variety for borders & pots

‘Tip Top Pink Blush’ is a shorter, trailing variety and a prolific flowerer, with 5cm wide blooms. With its edible flowers and petals this is a great choice for ornamental and vegetable gardens, and its spicy, caper-like seed pods are perfect for pickling.

Height 40cm (16in)

Spread: 75cm (30in)

Sow: March to May

Flowers: June to September

Seeds: 25


Rudbeckia ‘Viviani’


Half-hardy Annual

Perhaps the biggest-bloomed rudbeckia from seed!

Rudbeckia ‘Viviani’ holds an Award of Garden Merit following an outstanding performance in trials at RHS Gardens. Plants produce dozens of huge flowers on sturdy 60cm tall plants.

With excellent weather tolerance, ‘Viviani’ flowers from June until the first frosts with dazzling golden-yellow blooms with a typical brown eye.

Height: 60cm (24in)

Spread: 50cm (20in)

Sow: February to May

Flowers: June to October

Seeds: 100


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This is just a small selection of the new flower seeds we have on offer for 2024 – browse the full range here!

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