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3 ways to grow your own gardeners!

National Children’s Gardening Week

It’s National Children’s Gardening Week, and we reckon it’s more important than ever to get kids engaged in the joys of growing your own and keeping a beautiful outside space. Gardening young isn’t only great fun, but it’s also a good way to spend time as a family.

As most avid gardeners know, gardening’s as much about the satisfaction of working hard and reaping the benefits as it is the actual garden, and it’s a fantastic way to build kids’ confidence and start teaching them the importance of healthy eating.

So, to help get your budding gardeners inspired, here are 3 ways to grow your own gardeners this National Children’s Gardening Week…

Make it simple

When you first introduce your kids to gardening, it’s best to keep it simple. Plan easy ways for them to join in and grow something for themselves so that they get a taste of how it feels to watch something grow under their care. Potted plants mean there’s no need to dig and plant before you get started, and you can expect beautiful blooms without the long wait – perfect for little gardeners eager to enjoy their corner of the garden.

Bright, beautiful and low maintenance, our 2 litre potted dahlias have a sturdy design and a long flowering period – so they’re great fun for kids to care for. With five colours to choose form, why not let your little ones pick one to look after this summer? And, we have to say, the dahlia was pretty popular at Chelsea this year too…

Make it fun

We all know that kids learn when they’re having fun, and there’s no reason why spending time in the garden can’t be about fun and games. Growing your own pizza toppings is a popular idea, and kids will love choosing some of their favourite toppings and growing them ready to create the perfect pizza. Why not create a giant pizza in the garden using pebbles as markers and then grow a different topping in each ‘slice’?

Tomatoes, peppers, basil, spinach and rocket are all delicious (and nutritious) pizza toppings…and growing vegetable plants in the garden is a lovely way to get kids thinking about what goes into their food and the benefits of growing their own.

Get creative

The garden’s the perfect place to get creative with your kids. There are endless ways to bring the garden to life for little ones – especially at this time of year – and that means you can think up weird and wonderful ways to have fun together outside. From decorating your own plant pots to seeing who can grow the tallest sunflower, it’s all about having a good time.

Our Fun to Grow range of seeds has been specially created to help kids get growing, and it includes bug magnet calendula seeds, table top tomato seeds, crocodile cucumber seeds and the ever-popular sweet pea. Part of the fun is letting your little gardeners pick their seeds, and then you can get growing together…enjoy!

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