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National Gardening Week: 5 Benefits of Gardening

National Gardening Week

It’s National Gardening Week, and we’re celebrating all the benefits associated with getting out into the garden as much as you can. National Gardening Week runs from 30th April to 6th May, but we’re passionate about embracing gardening all year round. It’s not only great fun, but it’s also great for our mental and physical wellbeing too…so here are just some of the ways in which gardening is fab for us.

 1. Gardening keeps you active

Firstly, gardening keeps us active. You may not feel as though you’ve done the same amount of work as you would in a work out during a session outside with your plants and flowers, but it can burn off just as many of the old calories. If you think about it, activities such as potting, raking and weeding all keep us moving, and if you’re getting out into the fresh air and working in your garden regularly then the chances are you’re keeping yourself in better shape than if you were staying inside.

Gardening2. Gardening reduces stress

We all know that keeping active and our emotional wellbeing go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise that regular gardeners often experience lower stress levels.

It’s great to do something we enjoy and that takes our minds off the stresses and strains of daily life. Stepping out of the office or the house into a natural environment is a way of switching off, connecting with nature and enjoying a little quiet time. There’s something grounding about being outside with the flowers that we love too, and what better way to put things into perspective after a long week at work?

3. The social side of gardening 


Whether you have an allotment, or you garden as a hobby and share your experiences with others, there’s a social side to garden that’s always been important. Gardening can be a great way to decrease loneliness if you live alone, as there’s often a wider community of gardeners in the local area that you can tap into and share your hobby with.

Keep an eye out for gardening events in your area, and don’t be afraid to connect with neighbours who also share your passion for all things green, as it’s a great way to make friends with a shared interest.

You’ll find forums and gardening communities online too, so if you fancy swapping hints and tips or you need advice for your own garden, there are plenty of people out there who’d love to chat. 

4. Gardening promotes healthy eating


If you’re a fan of growing your own, then you’ll already know that gardening’s a great way to promote a healthier diet.

There’s something satisfying about cooking up fruit and veg you’ve grown yourself right on your doorstep, and you’ll be more likely to think of yummy homemade recipes throughout the year if you have the added fun of enjoying your own handiwork. It’s never been easier to grow your own fruit and veg, and that means plenty of opportunity to branch out and try something different now and then too.

5. Gardening boosts self-esteem

Speaking of the satisfaction associated with gardening and growing your own, spending time on your outdoor space is also a lovely way to boost your self-esteem. No matter which area of life you struggle with your confidence in, gardening is a great way to grow it at your own pace and in your own way.

Whether it’s the achievement of growing your first crop, or maintaining beautiful borders for a summer, the powerful thing about gardening is that you can enjoy the fruits of all your hard work for years to come, and there’s no pressure.

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