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A Guide to Small Space Gardens: Patios, Balconies & Windowsills

You don’t need acres of land, a fancy allotment or even a large garden to grow your own veg, fruit and flowers. You don’t even need a garden nowadays with windowsill and indoor growing options. Small space gardens are more common and the myth that bigger gardens mean a higher yield of crops is untrue. So, we have put together a guide to small space gardening with plenty of information on how to grow from all kinds of outdoor spaces.

Want to grow your own veg but worried about space? We understand that vegetable gardens come in all shapes and sizes! Everyone should be able to grow their own veg – regardless of the size of their plot or small space gardens. Suttons has a varied range of vegetable seeds for small veg gardens, including a variety of herbs, peppers, tomatoes and much more. So don’t worry if you think you can’t grow your own produce, because there are plenty of growing options like growing indoors, on the patio or windowsill, and we are going to outline how throughout our blog.

Windowsill Gardening

If you’re looking for windowsill garden ideas, look no further! We have a full range of herb and vegetable seeds suitable for windowsill growing, including herbs, leaf salad, tomatoes and peppers.

Don’t miss out on growing your own vegetables just because you don’t have a garden! Growing herbs and veg on your windowsill garden means you can enjoy a constant supply of herbs, salad and vegetables. One of the best ways to grow herbs is indoors in a windowsill garden. It keeps your herbs warm and, when positioned in your kitchen, means your herbs are close to-hand for cooking too!

Windowsill Veg Seeds

Patio & Balcony Gardening

Want to know how to grow veg on a patio or balcony? If you’ve considered growing vegetables but are worried you don’t have space, we are here to help! A patio or balcony is an excellent place for pots and containers to flourish into a productive veg or herb garden.

What is patio gardening?

We stock a great range of herb and vegetable seeds that you can successfully grow in pots on your patio, courtyard or balcony. Patio gardening is a great way to enjoy ‘growing your own’ whatever the size of your garden! Plus, growing vegetables in pots is easier than it looks!

Vegetables that are grown in containers in a patio garden taste just as fresh and are just as healthy, containing just as many nutrients as those planted in beds or veg patches. 

Read our blog on sweet and savoury fruits for the patio and balcony!

Patio & Baloncy Veg Seed

Patio & Baloncy Flowers

Filling containers with flowers and foliage can quickly transform a patio, deck or other surfaced area in your garden. These pot-friendly patio plants offer a wide selection of shapes, colours, scents and flowering times to create your own patio haven.

Square Meter Gardening

What is Square Meter Gardening?

Square Meter Gardening is a great system for people who are starting out or have small space gardens. This highly organised method involves dividing a raised vegetable bed into nine squares, to achieve a small but intensively planted vegetable plot.

Densely planted crops suppress weeds and, as long as you rotate your crops each year, you will have a healthy harvest of veg to enjoy. Once you have harvested a variety, interplanting with another to maximise your crops.

Watch our Square Meter Gardening Video for hints and tips, and try our Vegetable Garden Planner if you need help designing your square meter vegetable garden.

Square Meter & Small Space Gardening Veg Seeds

Veg Trugs & Grow Tables

Raised bed gardens are a great way to grow flowers and veg. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can grow in even the smallest of spaces! Raised beds mean less bending and lifting, easier weeding and pruning, and will transform a patio or balcony into a productive garden.

Veg trug home kit

VegTrug Home Farm Kit

The VegTrug raised bed planter offers a stylish way to grow delicious salads and nutritious fresh vegetables on your patio, or in the garden with this great space-saving growing solution. It creates a productive miniature vegetable garden with a sturdy and attractive raised growing platform. Choose from a variety of decorative colours – the charcoal grey is particularly on trend!

Grow table

Grow Table

Create your own edible or floral garden, even with limited space, using the innovative Grow Table. Fill with compost and sow seeds, or transplant seedlings and plants, then pop on the Grow Table Lid (available separately) to create the ideal growing conditions for your plants.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

The temperature is dropping and it’s starting to get a little frosty, but there are no excuses when it comes to gardening! Let’s get growing indoors and produce your own herbs, veggies, salads and houseplants and watch them come to life in your very own home. This is a great way to continue planting all year round and a perfect option for small space gardens. 

light garden

Light Garden

Grow what you love and love what you grow with the range of elho® products. The smart Light Garden has a special coloured bulb optimising growth from seed to blossom and makes growing herbs and veggies super easy. Just add your own pots, plant the seeds of your choice and watch them spring to life. 

Micro Grow Light Garden

Micro Grow Light Garden

Alternatively, the Micro Grow Light Garden will help grow a range of salads and can even be used for early season seed starting! 

Indoor Plant Light

Indoor Plant Light

If you already have a beloved collection of houseplants or want to grow your own, give them a helping hand with the Indoor Plant Light. This will keep them healthy and thriving for months to come by giving them an extra boost of natural daylight!

Be Savvy About Space With Planters

Planters are excellent because they work for every outdoor space. Own a balcony? No problem because you can squeeze one of these in the corner! Decorative planters enhance and maximise your outdoor growing space, while showing off your floral displays that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Perfect for small space gardens, most planters are designed for this nowadays!

Trough planter hanging from shed

Hanging Trough Planter

The Hanging Trough Planter is perfect for growing strawberries and is a great space saver. Suspend from the garden shed or wall, or even indoors to grow cacti, and have yourself a stunning 3 tiered planter boasting colourful crops in a trendy display. 

corner stand plant

Corner Plant Stand

Add a touch of contemporary sculpture and modern design through the Corner Plant Stand in your garden. An elegant way to show off your plant collection as well as an striking feature. It has been intricately designed to save space and fit into any corner of an outdoor space or indoor room. 

plant theatres

Plant Theatres

Inspired by the original 17th and 18th century auricula theatres, the Bronze Metal and Painted Wood Theatres are another attractive way to organise your favourite flowers. They have been crafted with exceptional care and considerations of space in mind. Use free standing on a porch or mounted on a wall outside. 

Top Tips for Small Space Gardens

  • Adjust your patio – Add hanging baskets, add a planter and make your own gardening corner!
  • Invest in a raised bed – Make or buy a raised bed, this is basically a veg patch in itself!
  • Window boxes – Great for balconies and don’t take up much space. Flowers are perfect for growing in these.
  • Vertical gardening – Ever thought about gardening in gutters or adding a garden trellis?
  • Use height – Opt for a climbing plant to get the full impact out of your garden walls and fences!
  • Gather a container collection – There are containers of all shapes and sizes, so there’s no need to stick to the basics. View our decorative collection here.
  • Pick the right plants for you – Choose plants that thrive in containers and veg which don’t need much space to grow!

We hope you find something to suit your home veg patch or small space gardens. Join the Suttons community today and take us with you on your gardening journey – #MySuttonsJourney

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