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Cut Flower Wall Chart and Growing Guide

example of a cut flower arrangement

We’ve just added a new Cut Flower Wall Chart and Growing Guide  featuring a really user-friendly ‘cut flower wall chart’ to plan your perfect arrangements and some helpful hints & tips all about growing flowers for cutting.

You don’t need a huge garden to grow your own flowers; you could even grow some in your veg patch or along borders. Just check the height of the flowers that you have chosen and grow tall ones at the back and shorter ones near the front of the border. Containers also provide suitable vessels for growing cut flowers as will small raised beds, or you can even grow shorter stemmed flowers on a window ledge.

When deciding what you would like to grow it is important to assess the growing conditions that you are able to provide. Most cut flowers will prefer a sunny spot that is sheltered from the wind, and the soil moist but well drained.

cut-flower-wall-chart-growing-guide cut-flower-wall-chart-growing-guide2 cut-flower-wall-chart-growing-guide4

Do not water flowers overhead in the heat of the day as it may cause the leaves to scorch and turn brown. The best time for watering is in the evening.

  • All tall flowers for cutting need to be supported by garden canes.
  • You will need to feed, water and remove dead flower heads regularly.
  • Annuals and biennials are easy to grow flowers.
  • Perenials will flower year after year.

Read the full guide & view the wall chart here

p.s If you enjoy growing cut flowers and being creative with your arrangements we’d love to hear about it!  

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