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Grow Salad For Summer

Salad is a fundamental linchpin of British summertime. Because of this, gardeners grow salad for summer year after year, producing their favourite ingredients. There’s nothing more satisfying than serving up a plate of homegrown, fresh salad at your next barbeque.

Our latest ‘Grow Salad For Summer’ collection of seeds makes it easier than ever to grow your own. We have selected the very best varieties of plants that fit into categories depending on how long it takes to grow them. This way you can choose homegrown ingredients depending on how fast they grow! Check out some of our favourites below:

Packet to plate in 7 Days or Less!

If you’re the impatient gardener or just like to see results fast, our Packet to plate in 7 days is the perfect collection of salad seeds for you. It may seem too good to be true that planting seeds on a Monday may reap rewards as fast as the end of the week but believe us it’s possible!

Packet To Plate in 2 – 3 Weeks

If you have that barbeque already in the calendar for a couple of weeks time then and are just that little bit more patient, the packet to plate in 2 -3 weeks collection is ideal for you to fill your salad bowl this summer. Grow slightly larger plants and harvest more and fuller crops in just a little bit more time than the 7 days collection.

Watch Rob Smith’s video below as he shows you how to grow salad in a tray.

Packet To Plate in 8 Weeks

Now we’re into really finessing your salads with a fantastic range of colour and flavours. 8 weeks may seem like a while but the reward is very much worth it. Be able to grow anything from beetroot and radishes to lettuce and carrots, all from seed. Simply sow your seeds and sit back and relax. Of course, a little tlc every now and then will help make your salad ingredients really thrive!

Packet To Plate in 12 – 14 Weeks

If you’re super organised and you want your homegrown salads to be truly amazing this Summer, the Packet To Plate in 12 – 14 Weeks collection is a must! A fantastic range of salad products such as cherry tomatoes to Beefsteak tomatoes, all varying in colour!

How to Make a Rose Flower Arrangement at Home


  • Roses of your choice
  • Vase of your choice
  • Sharp Scissors / Shears
  • Perseravtive


Picking Your Roses

  • Cut roses in the morning when they are well hydrated.
  • Use a sharp pair of scissors or shears to cut your roses.
  • Cut stems at an angle and place them immediately into cold water.

Arranging Your Roses

  • Before arranaging your roses consider the length of the stem in comparison to the vase. Trim where nesscary and cut at an angle while stems are submerged in the water.
  • Remove all leaves that will be under the vase as this will prevent them from rotting.
  • Place your first rose in the vase. Rest the base of the stem to the left of the base of the vase and the flower to the right.
  • Do the same with the next rose but in the opposite direction so that the stems cross over one another. Top Tip: You can also use a rubber band to bundle a few roses together to achive a unified look.
  • To keep your beautiful arrangement fresh for longer you can add a peservative to the water. People have also been known to add a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar to the water in your flower vase.
  • Now find the perfect spot for your arrangement and enjoy!

To really get the very best summer salads this season, mix the products in these collections and plant them at different times throughout the season. You’ll be able to grow your own salad with a mixture of flavours and colours to enjoy all summer long!

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