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Make Your Own Scarecrow


Are your children getting bored with the holidays yet? Are you all wondering quite why they need be so long? Here’s something to keep them quiet for a while whilst doing something useful. The resulting scarecrow will help keep the pesky pigeons from your plot whilst also adding a touch of class – or maybe not!

All you need is:
• String
• Newspapers
• Old T-shirt or large cloth for the head
• Old Clothes (Trousers, Top, Hat, and gloves)
• 2 bits of wood or branches approx. 4ft. (we used some buddleia branches which needed pruning)

FOR THE BODY: First, tie the two bits of branches into a rough T shape.
Depending on the top you have selected, either feed this through first or after you have tied the branches together.

FOR THE HEAD: Crunch up some newspaper into a rough ball shape and place into the middle of an old t-shirt, fold the t-shirt around the newspaper and tie the bottom so that you make a rough head shape, then draw a face. When ready place the head on the top of the branch and tie with more string so that it will not blow off.

FOR THE LEGS: Tie the bottom of the trouser legs and then stuff with newspaper, leaving a bit of a gap so that you can tie the top to the central branch. Once the legs are shaped, tie to the branch under the t-shirt.

Add gloves for hands and a hat and then find the perfect place to position in your garden or allotment for your scarecrow to stand guard over your patch.

If you’d like to take a photo of your scarecrow (does he have a name?) then please do share. We’d love to meet him. Or maybe he’s a her?


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