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New Vegetable Seed Range for 2021

If you’re an avid gardener then we know how important your vegetable patch is to you. Every year we bring you new vegetable seed varieties to try out whilst maintaining a high level of quality. Bringing back some improved favourites along with more interesting, brand new varieties. Carefully selected by our team of experts, the new vegetable seeds will give you the opportunity to grow something new and exciting!

If this is your first time growing vegetables or you consider yourself a beginner, fear not. Growing vegetables from seed can be easy and much more rewarding watching your plants grow. Experience the magic of growing vegetables from seed, with our new seed varieties improving all the time you’ll be able to grow varieties of vegetables that are not readily available to buy.

Our Top Picks

The following varieties of vegetables are our absolute must-haves to grow in 2021. From delicious tomatoes to more interesting varieties such as Luffa!

Benefiting from the F1 hybrid, these varieties are some of the best growers in the new vegetable seed selection. Growing better and more robust, you can be confident of a bumper crop with these amazing breeds.

Going Green

Some of our other favourites that the more adventurous growers among us will want to try. From an ‘urban forager’ mix taking the hassle out of foraging for greens to the very interesting luffa seeds, once fully matured you can grow your own dish scrubs!

Add A Flash Of Colour

Who said your vegetable patch can’t be pretty and colourful? The following new vegetable seed varieties will add a burst of colour wherever they are planted until they’re harvest and used.

Try Something Different

We’ve shown you that you can grow your own Luffa, now add to your garden with some more interesting and equally as wonderful new seed varieties.

Mountain Cranberry

The ‘Mountain Cranberry’ is bound to bring joy to your garden. Also known as a ‘Lingonberry’ this cranberry plant is ideal for decorative containers and gardeners who wish to grow something different.

Traditionally used in Nordic countries for sauces and juices, the Mountain Cranberry is slightly smaller in size than a cranberry but juicier; with a lip-smacking tart taste. High in pectin, the Lingonberry is great for helping home-made jams set.

Squash Greendisc F1

Patty Pan ‘Greendisc’ is a unique squash with mottled green/lime skins. The fruits hold their mottling until quite big, then they go solid green!

Harvesting from August to October, this squash variety will produce nutty, firm-fleshed fruit. Suitable to harvest small to be used like a courgette or leave your ‘Greendisc’ to grow larger and fruit can be stuffed with your favourite ingredients and baked for a healthy dinner.

Wild Blueberry

The ‘Wild Blueberry’ is a stunning variety that is also known as the Bilberry or European blueberry. Wild Blueberry seeds will produce small, 30cm perennial fruit bushes.

These blueberry bushes are great to grow in containers or on a windowbox due to their smaller size and acid soil loving nature. Making them great for small space gardening, they are also slow-growing and self-fertile.

We have only brushed the surface of all of the new vegetable seeds we are introducing this season. To discover the whole range and more information about some of our favourites, click the button below.

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