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The Great British Grow Off – Entries and Winners!

2020 has turned out to be a year for the history books, with the events of the year causing many people to lock down in their homes, a lot of us have taken the opportunity to spend more time in our gardens and open spaces.

With many people becoming real innovators in their gardens, to others just starting out growing their own flowers and vegetables. We wanted you to share your progress and how you have been using your gardens throughout 2020 with us along with a story of how and why you have decided to grow produce this year.

The following images are a collection of some of our absolute favourite entries for each category. I’m sure you’ll all agree that they are all spectacular and we were overwhelmed with the responses we received. 

Small Spaces

All of our entries have been very creative when using their small spaces to become more self-sufficient. from growing climbing plants to use vertical space to using decorative containers as a way of brightening up the area.

The Winner Is…

Jane Wells

I love my gardening and grow lots from seed , flowers and veg and grow lots of veg in between the flowers in the front and back garden but I wanted to create a veg area on a tiny courtyard we have.

So the back trellis holds pots of herbs and a few flowers and it the buckets I have tomatoes, chard, beans, carrots, peas, beetroot, lettuce & radish.

Because they’re in buckets I can start them off early in the green house , it’s lots easier for me now and lovely to sit in the area to eat with all the veg around us.

First Time Growing

Many of you have decided to take up gardening as a brand new hobby and have fallen in love! We have been delighted to see so many wonderful images of you all growing fruit, vegetables, and flowers for the first time!

And The Winner Is…

Sarah Davis

My son and I started growing vegetables and flowers at start of lockdown. He donated home grown sunflower seedlings for his teachers to grow during lockdown. The tallest at end of lockdown won a prize.

He also donated a variety of home grown vegatable seedlings for his teachers and his Nan to grow throughout lockdown. We also grew lots of veg and flowers and now our garden is full of beautiful flowers and we have harvested lots of peas, courgette, rhubarb, strawberries, broad beans etc and are excited for our new raised beds to be made so we can transform our veg patch.

We also made wigwam cane structures to grow our French beans up, just waiting to harvest beans now. Our herb garden is also doing well. Nothing better than fresh veg.

Repurposed Gardens

Some people have become real MacGyvers in the garden this year, whether it’s repurposing milk cartons into seedling trays or building planters out of pallet wood. Our entries are fantastic examples of reusing objects just lying around your home and garden.

And The Winner Is…

Emma Brown

This 15-year old BBQ was heading for the tip as all the innards had died. I was also running out of space on my greenhouse shelf for potting and realised the BBQ fit perfectly at the back!

I unscrewed all the racks, gas inlet etc and painted the inside to seal it and now it is a great potting table. Sorry the pic isn’t great, I am not brilliant at staging these things ? really pleased with it though as I am still new to gardening. 

Family Growing

Spending time in the garden with your family is just one of the ways we’ve all been keeping busy and seeing how you have all bonded in your gardens with some of that extra time has been great!

And The Winner Is…

Nicola Dowling

Little John had a great time planting sunflower seeds and seed potatoes. He loved seeing them grow and sharing with friends. And he was amazed when several grew so tall they towered over the shed and his very tall mum and dad.

He used his little wooden trolley to hand deliver sunflower seedlings to cheer up friends, neighbours and family during lock down. And he loved eating potato skins with his own home grown spuds and sharing them with Nana, Grandad and Great Nana.

He also loved harvesting the strawberries we planted a few years ago. The gift that keeps on giving! 

Thank you to everyone who entered and shared their amazing stories with us. We are thrilled to see so many people spending more time in their gardens. We hope that you all had great fun taking photographs of your achievements and reflecting on how well they have all grown.

If you see your photo above, don’t forget to share on social media the blog and show your amazing plants and creations off even more.

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