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How to Plant up your Pots and Tubs

pansies growing in a custom barrel planter

This simple guide will help ensure that your pots and tubs are full of healthy happy plants that enhance your garden display.

  1. Ensure that the container has some drainage holes in the bottom and then place some broken pots, clean gravel or similar material in the base of the container.
  2. Check the plants and if they feel a little dry then stand them in a bucket of water to completely soak the rootball.
  3. Build up the compost in the container. The compost should be moist but not wet and should be firmed down gently. Make sure you do this near where you want the container to sit as they can be heavy once full.
  4. Keep filling the container until you are about 2.5cm from the top. The space at the top is to allow for watering. If you fill right to the top with compost then water will just drain over the side rather than down through the compost.
  5. Plant up the container either with a single type or a mixture of varieties and water well.
  6. Raise flat based containers from the ground by using specially made feet, stones, bricks, etc. This helps to encourage drainage and stops the pot becoming waterlogged.
  7. Always water using a watering can or hose with a rose.

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