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Selecting Seeds with Life at No. 27

By Annabelle

I was very pleased to be announced in Suttons new catalogue as one of the lucky bloggers trialing the new range of seeds for 2018. So, I decided what better way to start than by sharing the seeds I have chosen with you.

Pea & Bean seeds

Firstly, one I am super excited about, actually I’m beyond excited about all of them, but first on the list is Blauwschokker peas.

Purple pea seeds - Pea Seeds Blauwschokker from Suttons

The wall of bright purple pods will look stunning on my bamboo frame come Summer, and I doubt many of the peas themselves will make it back home. They are divine, straight from the pod, don’t you agree? If you haven’t tried it, definitely do this year!

Sow in March to June and you will be cropping delicious peas 12 – 16 weeks later. You may just want to protect them at first to stop those oh so delightful creatures, aka birds, rats and other bugs chomping on the first sight of growth.

Staying with peas and beans, my next choice was the highly popular super food Edamame Soya Beans.

Green Edamame Beans against white background - Bean Soya Seeds Edamame from Suttons

I couldn’t resist giving these a go, high in protein and super delicious boiled, steamed or stir fried, they have to be a winner and an energy booster for the boxing ring.

Brassica seeds

Now on to the next group of yummy veg, Brassicas, the key ingredients that will help me conquer all year round growing! I hope…

Cabbage is first on the list, the sweet and oh so tasty F1 Sunta variety to be particular.

F1 Sweetie Collard Cabbage is next and was a giant hit in Suttons own school tasting trials last year, the kids loved it. Let’s see what the school children I will be showing mine to think later in the year. This variety is not only for eating either, it’s perfect for juicing and getting a real health kick in the system quick.

Collection of Cabbages growing in allotment - Cabbage Collard Seeds F1 Sweetie from Suttons

Kale is always a winner for me, whether steamed, fried or juiced! Which is why I picked two varieties; the nutritionally super charged Black Magic and purely because it looks incredible, F1 Peacock White.

White kale plants - Kale Peacock White from Suttons

The last of the brassicas is Broccoli, F1 Monclano variety. High yielding and clubroot resistant, they have to be worth a try!

I have grown purple sprouting broccoli but not standard broccoli, so both these and the cabbages will be a real test. But I’m up for the challenge!

Tomato seeds

After brassicas, comes the people’s favourite and a continuous reason for why many have started growing their own; tomatoes.

I have chosen two varieties; the smoky flavoured cherry, Rosella and blight tolerant Tumbling Bella. Bella was my nickname as a small child and that was the only reason these got chosen.

dark red tomato plants on vine - Tomato Rosella from Suttons

Tomatoes don’t need any justification, they are super easy to grow straight in the ground or in upturned grow bags and are super tasty!

Root vegetable seeds

Last on the list but as equally important as the rest is root crops, in particular carrots and beetroot.

F1 Octavo is my first carrot seed of choice for this year. Sow direct, harvest from August, give them a wash then add a dash of olive oil to these beauties in the pan for an increase in carotene of up to 50%. That’s the rumour anyway, or just the latest excuse/tactic to get eating carrots, since being able to see in the dark.

‘The best beet for juicing’ is up next and will be going in to the plot. Its F1 Bolder, super sweet and bright yellow, which means no red staining! Sounds like a winner for my kitchen surfaces and nails at least!

Bright yellow beetroot - Beetroot F1 Bolder from Suttons

There is a few more vegetable varieties and also many flowers I will be trialing too but I can save those for a later date as I think that’s enough for now.

I will be sharing their progress from sowing, right through nurturing and to harvesting with you on a monthly basis. As well as all other aspects of my allotment and gardening life.

Annabelle is a successful freelance writer, blogger and vlogger using her fresh approach to promote the joys of gardening and Grow Your Own. Inspiring more people, particularly the younger generation, to put down their phones and pick up a spade. Annabelle has become a regular face at events throughout the gardening calendar and hosts a monthly radio show where she shares her allotment journey, the latest in the gardening industry and top tasks each month. Through her passion and energetic enthusiasm, she aims to change the way allotments and growing your own are viewed, bringing a stroke of ‘highlight and contour’ to the gardening world. Keeping it simple, easy and more than anything fun.

If you want to learn more about Annabelle’s blogs, talks and publications, check out her website Life at No. 27 and follow her adventures and daily updates on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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