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Suttons Stance on Plastic & Plants

Look around your home today and the chances are that you will see a multitude of products made from plastic. Although we know that it would be difficult to live entirely without plastics, we’re all now very aware of their potential to harm the environment if used or disposed of inappropriately.

Over the years here at Suttons, we have used plastics for many reasons, including the growing and transporting of plants to make sure that they arrive with you in excellent condition. However we are all too aware of the effects plastic has on the environment, so for the last 2 years, we have been reviewing every part of our business to see where we can positively impact on the amount of plastic we use. Predominantly we have focused on if the plastic is necessary to ensure the quality of our products that we use recyclable plastic.

Every time we make a change we are careful to make sure that we don’t compromise on anything affecting the quality of our products. The biggest waste would be to supply plants or any of our other products to you that arrive in poor condition and subsequently need to be thrown away or replaced.

We have made big steps in the right direction and although we still have progress to make you can be assured that we are constantly looking for ways to improve further so we are supplying our products to you in the most sustainable way possible. 

Potted Plants

We are switching to a grey coloured pot this year which is made from recycled plastic. Not only that but it can be recycled afterwards as well. However we always encourage our customers to reuse these pots wherever possible. They come in very handy around the garden!

We place these pots in an outer plastic bag to keep the compost in place and to prevent the cardboard box (made from recycled paper) getting moisture damaged. This year we are switching the plastic bags to fully compostable, bio- plastic bags made from EU grown maize.

Letterbox Plug Plant Trays

We have switched to a new format of tray with a thin, transparent plastic cover (like a microwave meal). Not only do these use 30% less plastic than the old trays but we have found that the plants tend to arrive in a much better condition. The plastic trays are made from recycled plastic and have even been switched to the green recyclable plastic. So if you can’t find a use for them for your seedlings in the future, be safe in the knowledge that you can throw these trays in the recycling bin to begin another cycle. 

Parcel Packaging

In an effort to reduce the amount of hazardous plastics we use, we have switched to compostable bio-plastic inflated pillows. These help to cushion products despatched in outer boxes and these boxes are made from recycled and recyclable cardboard.

Plug Plant Trays Sent In Outer Cardboard Boxes

We are still searching for an alternative to the plastic trays to hold plug plants but we use all recycled plastic and last year we switched to a green coloured plastic which makes the trays recyclable too! Last year we placed a thin sheet of plastic under some of the plants to avoid the outer boxes becoming wet and damaged. This year we have replaced those sheets with wax coated cardboard boxes to avoid using these plastic sheets.

Please note: It is possible that you may still receive plants in the black recycled plastic trays and black plastic pots as we use up our old stock during the interim of changing over. Please do not throw these away, Reuse them for other exciting growing projects!

Autumn 2017 Suttons stopped all use of neonicotinoid pesticides in our nursery in Torquay!

To reduce transport emissions, we grow over 1 million plants in our very local Torquay nursery!

We have invested in converting all of our office lighting to LED panels solar panels on our warehouse roof. Enabling us to become net contributors of electricity!

We are applying to sustainability accreditations.

We recycle where possible and have even introduced a worm farm to break down our office kitchen waste into great soil- enriching material.

We are introducing a carbon offset programme!

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4 thoughts on “Suttons Stance on Plastic & Plants”

  1. Katie Brunt says:

    Thank you for your comment Robert. I hope you enjoy your Suttons plants!
    Best regards,
    The Suttons Team

  2. Robert Bowyer says:

    I received my plants in very good condition but was concerned about the plastic. Having read your Stance on Plastics I feel reassured. Keep up the good work.

  3. Sam Evans says:

    Thank You! Keep your eye on the blogs and catalogues for more news and updates on how we’re becoming even better at being an eco-friendly company.

  4. dj Westgarth says:

    It looks as if you are doing good on the plastic front, well done

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