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New Year’s Gardening Resolutions

We asked everyone at Suttons for their New Year garden resolutions and here are just a few of them:

Make time for your garden.
Leave the housework for the dull, wet days, get out into the garden whenever you can.

Don’t put off the jobs you don’t like doing.
It’s something we all do, get started on the jobs we like but leave the ones we don’t. But they just get worse the longer you leave them.

Keep on top of the weeds.
Think how much harder it is to get rid of well established weeds. Try lightly hoeing regularly to take the effort out of weeding. Remember they always grow faster than you think!

Clean off your tools before you put them away.
And most important of all make sure you do put them away. Now, in which flower bed did I leave my trowel?….

Feed the birds.
The coldest months of the year are yet to come.

Bring wildlife into your garden.
Not just birds, encourage hedgehogs, butterflies and bees too. They eat the aphids, slugs & snails and generally make the world a better place.

Try to look at your garden with fresh eyes. Do you like the colour combinations? Do you never use the path but always cut across the grass? Never seem to have enough of the right vegetables and too many of the wrong ones? Then sit down and plan exactly what you want to do throughout the year.

Finally, make time to enjoy your garden.
Gardening shouldn’t be all hard work, make time stroll around to admire your handiwork or sit back and enjoy the colours, fragrance and birdsong.

Best wishes for 2010 from all of us at Suttons.

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