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School Fundraising

Raise Funds For Your School

Are you a primary or junior school teacher?
Or maybe you’re a parent or grandparent to young children?

Suttons has just launched an exciting new school fundraising scheme designed specifically for primary schools – Little Green Sprouts. Not only will Little Green Sprouts raise money for the school it provides:

  • Horticultural learning activities to help the teachers
  • Money saving offers for the parents
  • Online games plus home activities for the children

And the beauty is in the simplicity of Little Green Sprouts:

  • Free to register
  • 5 “sprouts” automatically added to the school’s account for immediate spending
  • No collecting money
  • No risk and no obligation

What have you got to lose?
If you are a school please register at

If you are a parent please tell your school about this new scheme and encourage them to join.

LGS HomepageFree Little Green Sprouts Activities

At Suttons Little Green Sprouts we believe gardening helps everyone grow

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