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Suttons Seeds at the Victoria Falls

We’re happy to  support a number of charities and last year we were pleased to help Angela Lancaster who is working with the community of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Angela has just sent us a long note with details of all the good work that taking place there so we thought it would be a good idea to share some of this with you.

“My first encounter with the community of Victoria Falls was last January when I visited the area on holiday, working with the people on a lion rehabilitation project. It was clear that everyone was starving and living on roots and grass; the shops were empty of food. On arriving back in Britain my thoughts revolved around how could I help these people.

On contacting Suttons seeds, I was overwhelmed by the support given. My next challenge was to safely get the seed into Victoria Falls and by the time the seed arrived, the drought season had set in and the people of Victoria Falls had little means of water supply. I felt I had to come to the rescue in providing a water system from the waters of Victoria Falls. Then the plating commenced and the area became the envy of the area. In the summer, I sent out some more seed – beans, tomato, lettuce, sunflower, peppers, chilli and courgette seeds to the lion project.

At the beginning of November, I flew again and I was expecting to see your seed growing but much to my surprise I only found the remnants of seed I sent out in August. I was fast becoming aware of the speedy growing rates in the African heat.

I was amazed with the pride these people now have in growing their own food, there was not a weed in sight and the grounds had been extended. With this batch of seed, the distribution is being extended making full use of the rainy season for growing.

My most amusing story was that they were eating the leaves of the courgette plants, they had never seen this vegetable before and usually refer to it as the one that looks like a cucumber! Everyone has already eaten lettuce, cucumbers and courgettes and some are eating the onions early because they are looking for flavour in the basic staple foods.

Thank you so much to Suttons Seeds, I only became aware of how important your input of seed was when I visited in November, they were so grateful and even more joyous for the second batch. You have enabled the people of Victoria Falls to vary their diet, without doubt they have prevented many diet-related illnesses and help how healthy the people in the photographs look.”

You can see the photos on our Facebook page.

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