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Some success from an enthusiastic amateur – Rhubarb, Strawberries and Asparagus

asparagus ready to serve


This year the rhubarb in my garden is superb. I have picked lbs already and for me the pudding that is unbeatable is rhubarb crumble and clotted cream. All the more delicious if the rhubarb is picked fresh from the garden in the morning. Rhubarb is so easy to grow that it should be a resident of all fruit gardens, (or large containers)!

I have never been very successful with growing strawberries, so this year I decided Strawberries on mulchto grow them through mulch. Success! I now have strong, flourishing, great looking plants and fruit is already starting to set. The sun has encouraged the growth but even with the recent rain the plants are still protected from the soil and slugs by the mulch and thriving! Mulch is the way forward!
Last year I planted asparagus for the first time and became very disappointed in May when there was no sign of any spears breaking through. Tasparagus ready to servehen I read an article that asparagus was late this year so my hope for some fresh homegrown asparagus was revived once more. Then great excitement when one morning on my daily inspection of the asparagus bed… my first homegrown asparagus were poking up through the soil! Not enough this year for massive pickings but the taste of the few spears I picked were well worth the wait! Roll on next year and I will be feeding the street!!

This is a great time of year for me as the seeds planted earlier are through and are doingDigging well.  Radish have been sown, grown and picked! Parsnips and carrots are showing plenty of green, onions and leeks are in rows so now it is a matter of weeding and waiting! Satisfaction though from some back breaking hours digging over the beds!


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