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RHS Chelsea Win For Cercis canadensis ‘Eternal Flame’®

Winner of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show ‘Plant of the Year’ Award 2021!

Suttons is proud to announce that Cercis canadensis ‘Eternal Flame’®, its introduction for 2021 through an exciting collaboration with Hillier and through partner exhibitor Stonebarn Landscapes, has won the RHS Chelsea Flower Show ‘Plant of the Year’ Award 2021!

A huge amount of hard work goes into developing the plants that are entered for ‘Plant of the Year’ and Suttons is delighted that all five of its 2021 nominated plants were shortlisted to be professionally scrutinized by RHS judges – with Cercis canadensis ‘Eternal Flame’®  stealing the show.

The ‘Plant of the Year’ Award celebrates the exciting range of new plants launched at the show. The prestige of winning this award is recognised around the world and the show is the ideal global platform for the launch of new plants that often go on to be bestsellers.

Cercis canadensis ‘Eternal Flame’® Wows Judges!

One of the best new shrubs on the market!

Cercis canadensis ‘Eternal Flame‘® offers the vibrancy of everchanging autumn shades from bud break to leaf fall. For seven months of the year this hard-working shrub will dazzle as an eye-catching focal point from spring right through to autumn.

Circis Eternal Flame 3 Litre Vikki Grover

A scientific breakthrough in leaf colour for the genus

 and for shrubs as a whole

Stemming from a long-term breeding program at NSCU, US in 2010 this unusual colour selection was found to carry unique colouring genes. Each new leaf produced throughout the season changes colour at its own pace as it matures, from maroon/red to burnt orange to yellow for constant shifting autumn shades.

As it matures, ‘Eternal Flame‘® provides an extra splash of early season interest with hanging pink blooms on bare stems to kick start early spring colour in the garden.

A Sensational Specimen Plant

Compact arching branches and iconic heart-shaped leaves add shape and structure as well as vibrancy, making ‘Eternal Flame’® an ideal specimen plant in a container on a patio or positioned in the garden as a small tree and underplanted with shade-loving plants.

Reaching 3m at 10 years, ‘Eternal Flame‘® suits a wide range of gardens and can be kept as a shorter, bushier, multi-stemmed shrub. Tough, hardy and easy to care for, it will thrive in a sunny spot in most soil types – simply give plants a light prune to keep their shape.

An Award-Winning Collaboration

Cercis canadensis ‘Eternal Flame’® has been introduced to the 2021 market through an exciting collaboration between Hillier and Suttons.

This joint venture will ensure that this wonderful new variety is made available to the widest range of gardeners via multiple sales channels.

Cercis canadensis ‘Eternal Flame’®

1 x 3-Litre Potted Plant

Code: KB9867


A Trio of Wins

This win marks the third in Suttons’ history at RHS Chelsea. Suttons was delighted to introduce, through its partner exhibitors, the winning ‘Plant of the Year’ varieties in 2017 with the Dwarf Mulberry ‘Charlotte Russe’ and in 2019 with Sedum ‘Atlantis’.

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