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Scented Sweet Pea Seed Varieties

Sweet Pea Classification

An involved situation but basically what follows is a classification of types:

  • Species and wildCupani are probably the best known, introduced to this country by a Franciscan monk in the 18th century. Cupani has 2-3 florets per stem and is sweetly scented.
  • Grandiflora/Heirloom – divides into the traditional and the modern grandifloras:Traditional types have 5-7 small flowers per stem and are usually strongly scented.
    Modern grandifloras produce more robust plants with larger flowers possibly with some small loss in fragrance.
    Grandifloras are ideal for garden decoration and also for cutting.
  • Spencer types – larger frilled flowered types with flowers in 3-4’s per stem. Lighter colours have the strongest fragrance. (Royals are early flowering spencers) Spencers main use is for cut flower and showing but they also produce good colour in the garden.
  • Intermediate and Dwarf types – here the flower type is not as important as the dwarfing gene. These can range in height between 30cm (12″) and 90cm (3′). Some dwarf types are upright and some very dwarf ones have a semi-trailing habit. Intermediate types still have long stems for cutting.

Sweet Pea gallery

The images show sweet pea variety names plus the 6-digit product code. Use the arrows to browse through and click any image to visit the product page. All varieties shown below should be available for purchase via the Sweet Pea Seeds section of the Suttons Seeds website

These are the numbered codes we use within the catalogue:

  • 0: No Scent
  • 1: Delicate Scent
  • 2: Medium Scent
  • 3: High Scent
  • 4: Very High Scent

List of sweet peas by stength of scent:

0: No Scent1: Delicate Scent2: Medium Scent3: High Scent4: Very High Scent

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6 thoughts on “Scented Sweet Pea Seed Varieties”

  1. Katie Brunt says:

    Hi Lawn, we are so pleased you have enjoyed our blog! Stay tuned for me!
    Best regards,
    The Suttons Team

  2. lawn says:

    I loved it! It was really informative. And of course, you mentioned the sweet pea. You know what they say: “Sweet peas have a scent that radiates happiness.”

  3. This is a good post, it teach me many things.Thank for your share!

  4. Mrs VJ Mckay says:

    I have sown a packet of sutton sweet peas, especially red, white and blue for the VE celebrations, only two seeds have germanated .
    I am in the at risk group and cannot get out to buy plants, I am totally disapointed as sutton seeds have always been very reliable in the past.
    Mrs Mckay

  5. Landscaper says:

    Absolutely adore sweet peas, possibly my favourite flowers. Nothing like the display and scent you get from colourful sweetpeas climbing up a trellis. I’m fond of the Spencer types, classy looking and sweet smelling.

  6. tarundabmoo says:

    SWEET PEA Create a wonderful fragrant display in your garden with these Sweet Peas. We have chosen 4 of the most popular Colours for you.

    Indoor Planting: Soak the seeds in water for approx. 12 hours before sowing. Sow the seeds 5mm deep in trays of moist compost, be careful not to over-water. Store in a warm place at an approx. temperature of 13 – 16c (55-60f), an airing cupboard is an ideal location. Ensure that the compost is moist at all times.

    Growing On: When the seedlings are strong enough to handle they can be transplanted into bigger pots or trays. Be careful when easing the roots out as they can easily be damaged. Do not overcrowd the plants. Keep the pots in a warm light position, and turn regularly. Once all chance of frost has passed the plants can be transplanted into your desired location in May. Harden off first.

    Outdoor Planting: April , May Sow seeds 0.5cm deep direct in flowering location, thin as necessary. The Sweet Peas will require support as they start to grow. Deadhead regularly to prolong flowering. Sweet Pea Royal Family White (Lathyrus odoratus) One of the most popular summer flowers producing pure white blooms with a sweet fragrance. Pick the flowers regularly, to bring the lovely scent indoors. Hardy Annual. (Ht: 5ft / 1.5Mtr+). Sweet Pea Royal Family Red (Lathyrus odoratus) Fragrant large blooms on sturdy vines in a vivid shade of red. Creates a striking display, and also makes an excellent cut flower. Hardy Annual. (Ht: 5ft / 1.5Mtr+). Sweet Pea Royal Family Blue (Lathyrus odoratus) This old fashioned sweet scented favourite produces intense royal blue flowers from early summer, pick flowers regularly to bring the lovely fragrance indoors. Hardy Annual. (Ht: 5ft / 1.5Mtr+). Sweet Pea Royal Family Pink (Lathyrus odoratus) Create a colourful display in your borders with these Sweet Peas producing large pink fragrant blooms all summer long. Makes an excellent cut flower. Hardy Annual. (Ht: 5ft / 1.5Mtr).

    Sow Outdoors: April , May.

    Position: Warm / Light

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