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Strawberry and Blackberry Jam (Cheat’s version)

Strawberry and Blackberry Jam

I made Jam at the weekend 🙂

I am lazy.

To follow recipe for Strawberry and Blackberry Jam (Cheat’s / Lazy version)


About 500g of Strawberries

About 500g of  Blackberries

1kg bag of Silver spoon Jam -Sugar (which has pectin in it)

4 glass jars (I used pasta sauce jars)

Basin of nearly boiling water


1.  Submerge thoroughly cleaned jars in basin and leave to sterilise. (Someone told me sticking them in hottest cycle in dishwasher is just as effective).

2. Hull strawberries and mash up (in half-hearted manner) with Blackberries.  ( Do I have to tell you to wash them thoroughly?)

3. Pour fruit in large pot and heat with a knob of butter.  (Pour carefully – so you don’t splash any on your white top… )

4. When bubbling, add in the sugar and stir. (Try not to eat it)

5. Leave for about half hour stirring occasionally and remove jars (carefully) from basin.  (I used my BBQ tongs)

6.  Skim off the frothy stuff on the top and pour jam into jars (you can do the wax sealing thing at this point if you want – I didn’t have any) and LOOSELY put top on.  (Was slightly concerned about glass jars exploding all over my kitchen – so put them outside for a bit… they didn’t)

7.  Tighten up tops before they cool completely.  Admire your jam jars and generally feel pleased with self.

8.  I recommend your jam and butter cream slathered on digestives with a cup of tea.

nb:  The smell is just wonderful and something to behold.  Highly recommended activity for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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One thought on “Strawberry and Blackberry Jam (Cheat’s version)”

  1. Julie says:

    Fabulous made some this weekend Thankyou

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