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Win Suttons Salad Seeds

This competition has now closed but thank you to all those who took part. Congratulations goes to our three winners who each won a bundle of Suttons salad seeds.

Interested in growing something new this year? Browse through our salad seeds category to learn more, or get inspired by our handpicked selection below.

7 reasons to grow your own salad this summer

Green raised metal garden bed
Salad crops are easy and quick to grow
Image: Metal Raised Garden Bed from Suttons

Freshly-picked, home grown salad ingredients are full of flavour and much more nutritious than supermarket produce that’s already several days old when it hits the shelves. 

Quick and easy to grow from seed, if you sow at regular intervals you’ll guarantee a constant supply of delicious crops all summer long. Still not convinced? Here are just some of the benefits of growing your own salad…

  1. Freshly picked, seasonal salad is crisp, tasty and healthy 
  2. You don’t need to use any chemicals 
  3. It’s cheaper and more convenient than a trip to the supermarket
  4. It’s fun and satisfying to grow 
  5. Only picking what you need each day means far less waste 
  6. With no air miles, home grown salad is kind to the environment
  7. It’s not wrapped in plastic

You don’t need a huge garden to grow your own salads. In fact all of these seeds have been specially chosen because they’re suitable for container growing – no veg patch or greenhouse required! Here’s more information about the special bundle of Suttons salad seeds you could win:

Cherry tomatoes growing in container

Tomato ‘Tumbling Tom Red’

Thanks to its bushy, trailing habit, tomato ‘Tumbling Tom Red’ can be grown outdoors in containers or hanging baskets.

Beetroot cut open to reveal yellow flesh

Beetroot ‘Bolder’

Perfectly suited to container growing, direct sow beetroot ‘Bolder’ in March and harvest the sweet, golden globes whenever you want a vibrant shot of gorgeous colour. 

Singular cucumber with bumpy skin

Cucumber Seeds ‘Bush Champion’

One of our special ‘small space’ varieties, cucumber ‘Bush Champion’ is a pint-sized outdoor plant that produces large numbers of crisp, bright green fruits. 

Red and white spring onions

Salad Onion Seeds ‘Red & White Mix’

The salad onion ‘Red and White Mix’ takes about 8 weeks to grow. Great for containers, these flavoursome spring onions look pretty in window boxes too! 

Group of bright red radishes with green leaves

Radish Seeds ‘Scarlet Globe’

Another speedy crop that’s ready in just 5-8 weeks, radish ‘Scarlet Globe’ is a popular outdoor variety that holds an Award of Garden Merit from the RHS.

Mixed lettuce varieties in wicker basket. Image copyright: Floramedia

Lettuce Seeds ‘Mixed Varieties’

Ready to eat in just 3 weeks, lettuce seeds ‘Mixed Varieties’ is a tasty combination of Cos, red-tinged Batavia and Oak-leaf. Succession sow in containers or the ground.

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2 thoughts on “Win Suttons Salad Seeds”

  1. Caroline Thorne says:

    Sounds just what I need

  2. Caroline Harries says:

    What an interesting prize. lots of varieties I have not grown before

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