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Top 5 House Plants

Trio of air purifying house plants

Brighten your home with these top five house plants, to elevate your décor, add a calming touch and even help purify the air you breathe.

Ranging from fabulous foliage to beautiful blooms and show-stopping specimens, house plants are believed to reduce stress, boost the immune system and positively promote feelings of wellbeing.

Best house plant for kitchens – String of Pearls

Image shows a white ceramic planter with a copper-coloured bottom section. A String of Pearls plant is within the planter, with its string-like green bead stems tumbling over the edge. The planter is on a light-coloured wooden desk placed against a white wall.
String of Pearls plants thrive with minimal care
Image: Senecio ‘String of Pearls’ from Suttons

Senecio String of Pearls is a lovely low-maintenance choice for a sunny spot that has bright, indirect light for most of the day. Great for shelves and windowsills, this trailing plant will thrive with minimal maintenance.

Best house plant for bathrooms – Snake Plant/Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

Image shows a row of three mother in law's tongue plants on a table in front of a 4-pane window. The tallest plant is in a grey ceramic plant pot between two half-sized plants, each in square glass planters, so their soil is visible within. Their vertical green and yellow pointed leaves reach upwards. In front of this plant trio is a brass indoor watering can with a long thin spout and circular handle.
Mother-In-Law’s Tongue is an effective air-purifier
Image: Sansevieria Trifasciata Var. Laurentii from Suttons

Almost impossible to kill, the Snake Plant or Mother-In-Law’s Tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata laurentii) is brilliant for bathrooms, where its long, vertical leaves add an architectural element without taking up too much space.

Many house plants filter toxins and clean the air and a NASA study found that mother-in-law’s tongue and peace lily plants to be particularly effective at filtering formaldehyde, benzene and other chemicals. Find out more about air-purifying houseplants in our blog.

Best house plant for bedrooms – Peace Lily

Image shows a peace lily plant in a dark grey ceramic planter with a hammered effect. The planter is on a white table top in a living room and there is a very small white planter next to it, containing a succulent plant. In the blurred background is a cream-painted room with 2 large windows and a hanging basket/egg chair and a large cream and gold wall clock.
The graceful Peace Lily adds a calming look to bedrooms
Image: Peace Lily from Suttons

With lush, glossy leaves and elegant white spathes, peace lilies are easy to grow and require minimal maintenance. Add this handsome house plant to your bedrooms for its air-purifying properties and luscious looks.

Best house plant for living rooms – Swiss Cheese Plant

Image shows a Swiss cheese plant with its distinct leaves with holes. The plant is in a dark grey pot with a gold section around the bottom, and its roots are topped with moss. The planter is on a light-coloured wooden desk, against a cream painted wall. The bottom left corner of a pastel painting is visible, with a thin black frame.
Monstera deliciosa makes a striking specimen plant for a sunny spot
Image: Monstera Deliciosa from Suttons

The Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera deliciosa) boasts large, glossy green leaves with attractive holes and can reach 250cm tall. A tropical-looking talking point for your living room, train your plant up a moss pole for added impact, and its aerial roots will take moisture from the atmosphere.

Best house plant for conservatories – Bird of Paradise

Image shows a close-up on a bird-like flower of the Strelitzia plant. The orange and blue petals are bursting from blue-green heads. looking like a bird in flight. The plant is outdoors, with the blooms contrasted against the evergreen leaves of a bay laurel hedge.
Sensational Strelitzia adds fabulous flowers and foliage to conservatories
Image: Strelitzia Bird Of Paradise from Suttons

Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise) plants make a great addition to the conservatory and can also be moved outdoors during the summer. Loved for its bird-like blooms and blue-green, paddle-shaped leaves, it’s a great choice for adding a touch of the tropics to your garden room and can reach grand proportions.

Top tips for caring for house plants in the winter

Image shows a gold metal indoor watering can being used to water a snake plant in a grey planter. The blurred background shows a houseplant in a woven grass planter, in a cream-painted room.
House plants only need a little care and less water during the winter months
Image: Suttons

As winter approaches and levels of sunlight drop, many houseplants enter their dormant stage, which means their watering and feeding requirements fall significantly. Each plant variety has differing needs, so it’s advisable to refer to their labels, but here are some general tips for winter house plant care.

  • Water dormant plants less, reducing to just once every two weeks and stop watering cacti entirely
  • Note: winter-flowering plants will require watering whenever the compost feels dry
  • Position plants closer to windows or place in the conservatory, so they receive more hours of daylight
  • Wipe leaves clean of dust and build-up, so your plant can process the available daylight
  • Plants prefer a near constant temperature, so position them away from cold draughts and warm radiators
  • Stop adding plant feed until the spring
  • Check both sides of the leaves for pests and remove any that you find
  • It’s natural to see a few dropped leaves, so don’t panic!

Now you know the top 5 house plants for UK homes!

Learn more about caring for house plants in our blog, including pet-friendly varieties and growing advice.

Lead image: Air Purifying Houseplant Collection (House Plant) from Suttons

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