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April Birth Flowers

Yes that’s correct, April is such a fabulous month that it has not one but two birth flowers. The Sweet Pea and the Daisy. So what do these flowers signify for those of us lucky enough to be born in April?

Sweet Pea

These ever-popular flowers signify blissful pleasure and farewell. In essence a gift of a bouquet of fragrant sweet pea blooms is way of saying “Thank you for a lovely time.”
In Edwardian times sweet pea flowers always featured at weddings, either in the bridal bouquet itself or in the table floral arrangements.
Easy-to-grow this sweetly fragrant climbing plant remains popular today. A wigwam of sweet peas will be found in every cottage-style garden with less rustic climbing obelisks being used in more formal gardens.
It’s easy-peasy (sorry) to see why sweet peas remain so popular. They are very easy to grow, look stunning, smell sublime and just keep giving. The more flowers you cut the more the plant will produce. Such a generous plant to have in the garden.


“Daisy Daisy me, tell me your answer do” and gently plucking off petals whilst chanting “he/she loves me, he/she loves me not” both give a clue as the meaning behind this simple little flower. The daisy signifies childhood innocence, loyalty and purity.
Many types of flower have daisy-like blooms but perhaps the Ox-Eye Daisy is the most natural. This pretty white flower is much loved by pollinators but will need keeping in check. Otherwise it will quickly become a pretty thug that simply takes over an area.
Opening during the day and closing at night it’s easy to see where the name came from – Day’s eye. Unlike their sister April flower, the Sweet Pea, Daisies are no good for cutting. They will look beautiful growing in a field or a wild corner of the garden but cut them and they’ll quickly sulk and wilt. As will any other flowers with which they are asked to share a vase.

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