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Infographic: The Sweetness of Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas have long been one the nations favourite flowers, from delicate frilled flowers to exquisite scents and large flowered varieties, they are perfect for almost any occasion. At Suttons we are proud of our comprehensive Sweet Peas range, offering the very best varieties. And this year are pleased to be able to introduce a brand new class of Sweet Pea – The Floribunda Sweet Pea.

A cross between the old fashion grandiflora type, with its small flowers and beautiful scent, and the larger flowered Spencer types, with large frilled flowers at the expense of the fragrance, the Floribunda Sweet Pea Sublime Scent Mix is the best of both worlds and possibly the ultimate Sweet pea.

And what better way to celebrate than with these Sweet Pea facts.

Sweet Pea Infographic

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