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Grow Your Own Christmas Dinner!

Why not plan ahead and grow your own Christmas veg?

Get these vegetable seeds and potato varieties on your wish list and, this time next year, you’ll be serving homegrown potatoes, sprouts and parsnips at your Christmas feast! Here is Suttons’ selection of varieties to grow from seeds for a menu to remember come Christmas Day!

For the best roasted potatoes!

Select maincrop varieties like King Edward or Desiree – these can be planted between March and May and harvested between August and September. They require the longest growing period and are generally ready to harvest 17-20 weeks after planting.

They can produce high yields of large potatoes and can be stored through the winter if required, making them the perfect potato choice for Christmas Day lunch.

Harvest August to September (and store till the big day)

King Edward Seed Potatoes
Code: 72330
1 x 1kg

Note: a 1kg pack of a typical variety should contain over 10 tubers.

1 x 2kg
Code: KB6915

1 x 4kg
Code: KC2193

All pack sizes despatch by the end of December 2021

This old traditional English favourite is perfect for roasting on Christmas day!

King Edward potatoes need good soil to do well and crops are more modest than some but well worth growing, they can be enjoyed boiled, steamed, mashed and chipped (perfect for Boxing Day too), sautéed, baked and of course delicious roasted in goose fat for the best traditional Christmas day roasties.

The ultimate Christmas sprout the whole family will love!

Harvest September to December

Brussels Sprouts Seeds – ‘Brodie’ F1

Code: 153247
45 Seeds

Why not try these sprouts steamed or roasted with smoky bacon or pancetta?

Whether you love them or hate them, Brussels Sprouts are the must-have addition when it comes to Christmas dinner, ‘Brodie’ is exceptionally mild in flavour and won’t leave a bitter aftertaste making it the perfect Brussels sprout for the whole family to enjoy including the kids.

Brussels sprouts ‘Brodie’ is the top end supermarket choice and now you can grow this delicious vegetable for a fraction of the price in your own garden, harvesting from September to December, it’s the ideal addition to your winter crop. Buttons also stay fresh on the plants for months so you can continue to enjoy them well into the new year.

The best roasted parsnips!

Harvest September to December
Parsnip Seeds – ‘Warrior’ F1
Code: 175081
350 Seeds


This crop will taste amazing honey roasted and served up with a classic Christmas roast!

Parsnip ‘Warrior’  proved to be a fantastic performer during its time at the trial grounds and is a British bred variety. It grows flavoursome, chunky, gradually tapering roots that measure up to a whopping 28cm (11”) in length. However, if you prefer even larger roots, just leave them to grow on!

As it says in the name, this parsnip is a strong, sturdy and reliable warrior that is also known for its resistance to root canker and holds its healthy foliage with pride. If you like your parsnips sweet, a good tactic is to leave the roots in the ground to get ‘kissed’ by the frost. The roots will continue to keep well in the ground.        

Other future festive favourites include…

For of sweet veg mash grow Swede Seeds ‘Gowrie’ Code: 179679

Looking for something new to grow from seed?

Say hello to our brand-new vegetable seed varieties, handpicked by our expert product managers. Here at Suttons, we’re always growing our vegetable seed range so there’s plenty of opportunities to grow something different!

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