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The strawberry plant that keeps on giving

It’s finally strawberries and cream season, and we’ve got the perfect plant for those of you who love your dessert bowls to be full all summer. Our day-neutral strawberry plants produce fruit all summer and into autumn, and we love the fact that the more you pick the more you’ll have.

Strawberry Plants

strawberry plants

Whereas traditional strawberry plants only really fruit during June, this unique variety is insensitive to day length, so they’ll continue to produce delicious red strawberries until well into September (or as long as the weather stays fair)– yum.

Better still, our day-neutral strawberry plants are as beautiful as they are fruitful, so you can choose from dark pink, pale pink and white flowers that form an ornamental talking point on your patio all summer long.

So, if you’re planning to host garden parties and gatherings in your outside space next summer, you’ll be able to serve up homegrown strawberries to be proud of and showcase your unique plants at the same time.

Just think how chuffed your friends will be when you produce a bowl after bowl of juicy strawberries from your own garden…

strawberry plants

There’s something about a good strawberry that just tastes like summer, and these clever plants produce bright red strawberries with that sweet strawberry flavour. All you have to do is choose your plants (or opt for our collection of 18 super plugs).

These plants are great for containers too, so if you don’t have much space in your garden or on your patio you can still enjoy the satisfaction of growing your own fruits. Your plants should establish quickly this summer, so you may see a handful of fruits this year and can look forward to an abundance of great British strawberries as soon as next summer.

The Day-Neutral Strawberry Collection

The collection of 18 super plugs includes 6 of each variety:

F1 Delizz – our first ever AAS strawberry winner

F1 Toscana- with beautiful deep pink flowers

F1 Frisan – with those delicate pale pink flowers

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