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Module Strawberries Growing Guide

Strawberry Plants Continuity Collection [257179]

Module Strawberries Growing Instructions

These strawberries are module plants grown on from last Autumn and flowering buds are already forming.

  • Select an area in your garden, that should be sunny and with good drainage.
  • Remove all perennial weeds and we recommend that you plant through a ground cover mulch to reduce weeding in subsequent months.
  • Dig a hole and plant the module making sure that the crown (the growing tip of the plant at the base of the leaves) is not buried.
  • Water in to settle the plants.
  • Plants will form flowers in June and we recommend you feed with tomato fertiliser when the small berries start to appear.
  • Harvest ripe berries from July onwards.
  • Removal of any runners will maximise fruiting.
  • In the autumn cut away any diseased or damaged foliage.
  • In colder areas we recommend some protection over winter such as straw or a fleece as this helps the strawberries to fruit earlier next year.

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