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The September Lawn

Come September many a lawn will be looking a little jaded but even when turned brown with sun and drought the grass will usually recover well once the rains arrive.

Late summer/early autumn is a good time to give the lawn a feed with chicken manure fertiliser or a proprietary lawn fertiliser.

Make sure you spread the fertiliser evenly and then water it in, or take a look at the weather forecast and do it just before the rain starts. This will give your grass a boost and help it to compete against weeds and moss.

Even if most of the lawn looks fine sometimes spilt mower fuel, female dog urine or just wear and tear will have created unsightly bare patches and these will need attention. Suttons Rapid Green Self-Repairing Lawn Seed will fix these bare patches and give you a lush new lawn in just 10 days.

The root system for each blade of grass not only grows deep down into the soil to soak up all the delicious nutrients, but also grows across too. Each of these roots then grows its own super-strong root system that does the same again and again, producing a powerful root mesh. This root mesh fuels each blade of grass and so when these blades are worn away or damaged new lawn growth appears.

The key benefits to Rapid Green Self-Repairing Lawn Seed are:
• Self-repairing – once established, any problem areas will re-grow within 7-10 days eliminating the need for patch repairs!
• Self-fertilising – each seed is coated in seaweed extract for extra quick growth
• Low maintenance – the grass is a low growing variety that will provide you with a beautiful thick lawn that will need less mowing!
• Less mowing – because the grass needs less maintenance than a conventional lawn you will use less energy
• Fewer grass cuttings to dispose of
• Drought tolerance
• Trample and tear resistance

Rapid Green

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