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Quad Tomato Plants

Quad tomato plants are one of the latest innovations from our team of professional plantsmen. The clue is in the name with four of course being the magic number. From one quad plant, will grow four stems, all the same variety. Still with me? Good, please read on.

Over the years our dedicated team have become experts in the art of grafting. Using the best possible techniques, we have grown plants that produce up to 75% more fruit, earlier and over a longer period of time.  Our grafting is all done by hand with seven different skilled people completing the process for each and every plant. The only machinery involved is a grading machine that grades the plant size through photography to ensure the best match in a graft. And why do we go to such lengths? Because we know the results are higher yielding plants of the tastiest varieties.
Our quad tomato plants have been produced and grown on at our nursery and we know they will deliver. With the use of canes the four stems can be trained into a fan or, if space is a real issue then they can be grown up a vertical tower of four canes. Best grown indoors they will grow well outside in a sheltered sunny position.
So, what varieties of quad tomato plant are available?

Quad Cherry – Magni

Cherry tomatoes pack an intense flavour, despite their small size. Quad Cherry – Magni are bite sized, sweet and perfect for salads, lunchboxes and roasting.

Quad Plum – Minerva

Plum tomatoes, sometimes known as Italian tomatoes, are perfect for turning into sauce, soup or adding to casseroles. They are also good for roasting, either in the sun or the oven.

Quad Standard – Maxima

The perfect standard tomato, ideal for slicing, for sandwiches and for cooking.

Such a shame we don’t have four varieties, to make the perfect quad. But there’s always next season!

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