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Tallest Sunflower Competition 2016

Growing the tallest sunflower is an art that takes a lot of hard work, but all that care and attention is worth it when these giants tower over our gardens. This year we received some amazing entries and pictures of some very tall sunflowers.

Whilst we didn’t quite reach the dizzying heights of the world record, which stands at an incredible 9.17 metres, we did receive a very high standard of entries that grew to some very respectable heights. A big thank you to everyone that entered and made this year’s competition a success.

Tallest Sunflower

This year’s tallest sunflower, grown by Valerie Briggs in Dorset, grew to a neck aching 4.60 metres. The competition was very close and there wasn’t much to separate the entries. Ultimately it was Valerie’s sky-piercing sunflower that stood tallest to win her the height of her sunflower in £1 coins, totalling a cool £1,417!

Sunflower Gallery

Scroll through the gallery below to see all of this year’s entries.


Carrie-Ann Emslie

Carrie-Ann’s sunflower measured 2.95 metres.


Sandra Rainsford

Sandra’s sunflower came in at 2.85 metres.


Mike Harradence

Last years winner, Mikes sunflower measured an impressive 3.35 metres but unfortunately wasn’t tall enough to retain the title.


Jude Sellers

A huge sunflower head!


Jude Sellers

Jude’s sunflowwer measured 3.25 metres.


Geoff Stevenson

A great effort from Geoff whose towering specimen narrowly missed out on being the tallest measuring 4.40 metres.


Diane Newman

Standing proud, Diane sunflower measured 2.75 metres.


Geoffrey Morriss


Geoffrey Morriss

3 in a row, Geoffrey’s tallest measured 3.30 metres


Derek Bull

Derek’s sunflower measured 3.90 metres.


Conor Daunt


Conor Daunt


Conor Daunt

The tallest of Connor’s sunflowers measured 2.70 metres.


Conor Daunt

Hiding amongst the sunflowers.


Valerie Briggs

This years winner, grown by Valerie, measured an impressive 4.60 metres

If you grow sunflowers and want to try your hand at growing the tallest, look out for next years competition.

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4 thoughts on “Tallest Sunflower Competition 2016”

  1. Nathan says:

    Hi, Pike’s Peak and Giraffe Sunflower Seeds are the two tallest plant seeds that we currently sell. Unfortunately, the winner did not specify the variety that they used.

  2. Nathan says:

    Apologies for the delay in our reply. Charitable requests can be made online via our web form here:

  3. Bob Kennedy says:

    You did not tell us what variety won ???? And what about years after 2016 ? Please tell me as I have just ordered some Giraffe sunflowers from you and I am not sure these are the largest.

  4. Hi
    I am looking into organising a fundraiser for our village sports facilities and wanted to enquire into whether you might consider a donation of sunflower seeds to help in us organising the event.

    Kind regards

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