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The Great British Grow Off

2020 has been a strange year so far. Social events have been cancelled or postponed, many of us find ourselves spending our time at home, and yet our gardening community has adapted and remains strong.

We know that people have adapted through the lockdown too with some people being first time growers and others using their garden to become self-sufficient as they haven’t left their homes at all. We want to celebrate your innovation in the garden this year. Show us how you have used your garden or small space as best as possible to grow amazing crops, whether that is flowers or fruit and veg.

Without any further ado, we have 4 categories for you to enter: First time growing, Family Growing, Small Spaces Growing and Repurposed Gardens. We’ll choose one winning image from each category and its owner will receive a £50 Suttons Gift Voucher to spend online.

Click the links below to submit your image using our handy form, or tag us on social media using #greatbritishgrowoff

Small Spaces

We know that a garden or an allotment aren’t always an option, so we want to see what you have grown in smaller spaces such as balconies, patios or even smaller areas of your garden.

Show us how you’ve grown crops vertically or used hanging baskets to free up space. Get creative with your space and your pictures!

First Time Growing

Is this your first time growing in your garden? If so we want to see what you have produced! Little or a lot anything you produce in your first year is a great achievement.

Show us what you’ve managed to grow and let us know what motivated you to start growing plants this year. Show us your gardening ups and downs, we know it doesn’t always go smoothly, show us your gardening ups and downs too!

Repurposed Gardens

Some people have become real MacGyvers in the garden this year, whether it’s re- purposing milk cartons into seedling trays or building planters out of pallet wood. We want to see how you have innovated everyday items to become useful in your garden.

It’s not all about DIY garden furniture though. Have you used your time in the garden to do a complete makeover? We want to see it! Have you repurposed areas of your lawn to grow veg, or finally cleared that one area in the garden we’re not proud of and turned it into a flower garden? Show us and let us know what inspired you to do it now.

Family Growing

Gardening with Children

Spending time in the garden with your family is just one of the ways we’ve all been keeping busy lately. We want to celebrate all those budding new gardeners, proud of their first runner bean or strawberry!

We want to see how your family has used outdoor spaces to grow fruit, veg and flowers this season.

Use the icons below if you’d like to submit your image via social media, and don’t forget to use the hashtag,


Closing date for the competition is 11.59pm 10/08/2020

Get your photos and stories in to us before then for a chance to win!

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