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And this month’s winner is…

We’ve been a bit slack with the prizes lately so I was really pleased when I logged in today to see a fantastically comprehensive review of a Garland Super 7 propagator by Enrich100. Thanks for the review, a £25 voucher is on its way to you.


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One thought on “And this month’s winner is…”

  1. Enrich100 says:

    Well that was a nice surprise, This morning I had a Letter from yours truly with the £25 Gift Voucher, what made it even more special was I had no idea that I had won or that there was even a prize for reviews, I have gone through the catalogue and picked what I am going to spend my voucher on, I won’t tell you what it is I will order, you will find out when I give it a review. many thanks for the voucher, Its made a great Easter even better


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