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Tomato Plant Destroyers

CaterpillarMy tomato plants are no more.  After a long and arduous journey they have gone to tomato plant heaven (i.e. the compost).  They were doing ok up to about a week or so ago.  They had suffered quite a lot with lack of water and then copious amounts – but I had a decent amount of fruit and was just waiting for them to redden.

I was away from home for a few days and was expecting to have to water the hell out of them when I got back but alas that was not it’s only problem when I got back to them.  They had been eaten alive by caterpillars.  I found literally hundreds of the little monsters chomping away.  After consultation with my knowledgeable neighbour, we decided that I had to give up on them.  Am disappointed as they were going pretty well and I had lots of fruit on them but it wasn’t meant to be.

Oh well – spicy tomato chutney will have to wait till next year…

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One thought on “Tomato Plant Destroyers”

  1. Gardening Diva says:

    Looks like the caterpiller to the Cabbage White butterfly. I have spent all summer killing the eggs and caterpillers of this insect but they still managed to destroy my cabbages.

    All you can do is check daily or net them next year. They haven’t reached any of my tomatoes yet but I did find a couple on my peppers which is highly annoying!!

    So sorry you have lost your crop and hope next years manage to survive!


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