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Summer Rain

On Sunday morning we awoke to the pitter-patter of raindrops, and generally at the weekend this sound wouldn’t have been that welcome. However with the ground gasping and the pond level dropping, this gardener was very happy to hear it.

It very much depends on where you are in the UK at the moment as to how much rain you’re getting, but in the dryer areas it’s a good thing to store the rainwater when we get it at this time of the year. Our water butts were almost overflowing yesterday, so if it doesn’t rain that much for the next few weeks we have a good store to ensure that we don’t have to pour drinking quality water onto the ground.

Our water butts come in lots of shapes and sizes, including some great space saving models, so if you don’t have a water butt already, why not see if you can fit one in – it makes sense.

What is the situation in other parts of the country?

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