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Falling back in love with gardening

I think I fell out of love with gardening last winter. Weeks and weeks of cold weather meant that it was almost impossible to do any gardening and the exceptionally cold weather meant that many plants that would normally survive were not so lucky this year (see my post A touch of Frost.) After this I also lost a much-valued tree fern that I didn’t protect properly.

So when Spring arrived, all I could think was that I didn’t want to invest too much time in plants that might not survive. The cold Spring meant that I started gardening late so I didn’t bother with any veg seeds and went straight to plants, which felt like a bit of a cheat. But I did plant some tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Any I did my potatoes in buckets as usual. But I couldn’t get too excited by it all.

Clematis after floweringOn Sunday I turned out one of my potato buckets and the crop was good – 5 kilos of Rocket Potatoes – so I was happy. Very happy. On my way back indoors I noticed that the clematis that was growing on the fence had gone over to be replaced by these delighted golden swirls. They’re so intricate and delicate that you could not failed to be entranced by them. So after the weeks of beautiful flowers we now get treated to these beauties. I think my love for the garden may be on its way back.

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